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Friday, October 31, 2014

About time!

Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi Freed From Mexican Jail--Immediately Returns To US

Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi
By Fox News, Oct. 31, 2014,

U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, jailed more than 200 days in Mexico, was freed by a judge Friday and immediately returned to the U.S., his family said.

Tahmooressi, 26, who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, had been held since March 31, when he said he mistakenly crossed into Mexico with three legally-purchased and registered guns in his truck.

A court-appointed psychiatrist confirmed that Tahmooressi has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Family spokesman Jonathan Franks said the judge released him without making a determination on the charge against him. He had been held initially at a prison outside Tijuana, then was moved to a prison outside Tecate.

His family released a statement Friday night saying, "It is with an overwhelming and humbling feeling of relief that we confirm that Andrew was released today after spending 214 days in a Mexican jail. He is back on American soil and will shortly resume treatment for both his pre-existing combat related PTSD and the residual effects of months of incarceration – which has taken a toll on him far worse than his two tours in Afghanistan."

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And Now This...

September 10, 2001

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Awakening continues...

Elbert Guillory DESTROYS Kay Hagan in Epic New Ad 

By The Right Scoop, Oct. 31, 2014


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No kidding...

Desperate Democrats Resort To Race-Baiting To Spur Black Vote

By S.A. Miller, Oct. 29, 2014,

The spate of campaign fliers that use images of lynchings, Jim Crow laws and the recent racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, to urge blacks to vote in next week’s election somehow failed to grab the attention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The NAACP headquarters in Washington wasn’t prepared to answer questions about the fliers and mailers circulated in black communities in Georgia, Maryland and North Carolina, despite widespread news coverage of it for the past week.

She did not respond after receiving the information.

Bob Ross, president of the NAACP branch in Prince George’s County, Maryland, also wasn’t familiar with the race-baiting campaign literature.

“We haven’t seen it and we haven’t heard about it,” said Mr. Ross, whose county is majority black and a critical Democratic stronghold in statewide races. “I have three Facebook pages and Twitter and I haven’t seen that yet.”

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Name names, Charlie!

Charlie Rangel: Some Republicans 'Believe That Slavery Isn't Over'

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.)
By Colin Campbell, Oct. 30, 2014,

Veteran Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) had some harsh words for the Republican Party during a Thursday campaign rally for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

As he has done repeatedly before, Rangel compared some members of the GOP to confederates from the Civil War era. But at the Thursday evening event, he added that they "believe that slavery isn't over."

"We have to win. We have to be able to send a national message with Andrew Cuomo. And the thing is: Everything we believe in — everything we believe in — they hate. They don't disagree — they hate! They think if you didn't come from Europe 30 years ago, you didn't even make it. Some of them believe that slavery isn't over and they and think they won the Civil War!" Rangel shouted.

In contrast, Rangel said the Democratic Party is doing "God's work" on issues important to the American people.

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Rich folks' progressivism=lost jobs

New Ruling Class: Silicon Valley's Chips Off The Old Block

By Joel Kotkin, Oct. 31, 2014,

POWER ON-Silicon Valley long has been hailed as an exemplar of the American culture of opportunity, openness and entrepreneurship. Increasingly, however, the tech community is morphing into a ruling class with the potential for assuming unprecedented power over both our personal and political lives.

Rather than the plucky entrepreneurs of legend, America’s rising tech oligarchy constitutes a narrow emerging elite. They are primarily beneficiaries of the limited pools of risk capital – nearly half of which is concentrated in Silicon Valley. They also have access to a highly incestuous club of skilled professional managers, lawyers, PR mavens and accountants that counterparts elsewhere are unlikely to enjoy.

In contrast to the intense competitive environment that defined industries such as semiconductors, disc drives and personal computers in the 1980s, today’s “lords of cyberspace,” as author Katherine MacKinnon describes them, enjoy oligopolistic market shares that would thrill the likes of John D. Rockefeller. Google, for example, accounts for more than two-thirds of the market for Internet search.

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Not to worry, Wagner's fair and balanced (sarcasm)

ICYMI: MSNBC's Alex Wagner Marries WH Chef

MSNBC's Alex Wagner married White House chef Sam Kass on Saturday.

The wedding took place at Blue Hill at Stone Barns outside of New York City, according to Reuters. Kass is a longtime friend of President Barack Obama's and has been cooking for the Obama family for years, dating back to when he would prepare meals for them in Chicago. The president, first lady Michelle Obama, and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, were all in attendance.

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Astonishing admission!!!

MSNBC' Wagner OK With Racial Tactics—If That's What It Takes To Win

By Mark Finkelstein, Oct. 30, 2014,

Could this be the most cynical statement of the campaign season? The woman whose recent wedding President Obama attended is okay with stoking the racial fears of black Americans—if that's what it takes to drive them to the polls and secure Dem victories. Alex Wagner devoted a segment of her MSNBC show today to the naked appeals to the racial fears of black Americans that Democrats are making in campaign ads. Wagner discussed Dem ads that seek to stoke black fear toward Republicans by invoking Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. 

You might think Wagner would have condemned these ugly tactics, explicitly aimed at driving Americans apart based on their race. Think again. To the contrary, Wagner concluded the segment by saying that it shouldn't have to be the kind of threats contained in these ads that get people to vote, "but if it does, so much stronger the party is for it."

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Common sense, not common core

LAUSD Gets Backlash Over English-Only Cafeteria Rule

Oct. 30, 2014,

KOREATOWN ( — The LAUSD is responding to criticism from employees after cafeteria workers were told to only speak English.

A sign recently posted at Harvard Elementary School in Koreatown stirred the controversy. It read: “During works hrs we the cafe have a English only rule for safety reasons.”

The directive was issued at a school where Spanish is spoken by the majority of cafeteria workers and about 85 percent of students, according to the United Teachers Los Angeles and Service Employees International Union Local 99, which represents cafeteria workers.

“I would say like 99 percent of the kids are Hispanic, so there’s no reason for them to tell them not to talk Spanish,” parent Frislian Gomez said.

Read the full story:  www,

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Not surprised

Evidence Emerging On Hamas War Crimes

By Larry Hart, Oct. 30, 2014,

Now that the fighting in Gaza has stopped, at least for the time being, certain bits of information are leaking out from some of the reporters who were embedded there. Much of the information shared pretty much confirms Israel’s claims about Hamas tactics and strategy which might lead to a possible war crimes indictment.

The use of human shields, propagandizing dead and injured innocent people, including children, giving false casualty figures, all with the proper intimidation of the press to insure Hamas’ version of events are now being corroborated and so, no longer can be ignored as Israeli propaganda.
Of the 700 journalists who reported from Gaza most, did it willingly, their left wing agendas considering Hamas the underdog against the big, bad, imperialist, capitalist, war mongering Israel. Thank God there is still some honor in the fifth estate. I was beginning to lose hope after reporting Creede Newton’s exploitation piece on three Israeli soldiers committing suicide after the war because of perceived Israeli excesses a few days ago.

Between thirty and forty reporters have now come forward so far, explaining what they really saw and could not report at the time because of repercussions, which included, but not exclusive to, being forced to leave, having their equipment confiscated, or even physical intimidation. There are probably more out there that would like to come forward but don’t because they are so seriously intimidated by Hamas pressure they don’t dare risk it.

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Gates wants consumption AND estate taxes

Bill Gates' Solution To Income Inequality

Chris Matthews, Oct. 15, 2014, Fortune

Gates shares Piketty’s goal of spreading wealth, yet he doesn’t want to discourage the uber wealthy (like Gates) who are taking risks, investing in value-creating businesses, and helping the world through philanthropy. Gates’ solution? Shift the American tax code from one that taxes labor to one that taxes consumption. Now, this sounds like standard, right-wing economic theory. Consumption taxes are usually favored by the wealthy and by conservative economists because they tend to be regressive in nature. Since everyone—rich and poor—have to consume some amount of goods and services, and because the proportion of income spent is much higher for the poor than the rich, consumption taxes like state and local sales tax burden the poor more than the rich.

But this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Economists like Cornell University’s Robert Frank have long advocated for progressive consumption taxes that could do much to solve what they perceive as the ills of growing income inequality.

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No irregularities here, right?

La Raza Promotes WashPost Guide On Where People Can Vote Without An ID

Photo via Flickr
Patrick Howley, Oct. 29, 2014, DailyCaller

The pro-amnesty Hispanic activist organization the National Council of La Raza helpfully promoted a Washington Post article explaining which states people can vote in without having to use a photo ID.

“Voter ID laws are at-issue across the country, with newly Republican-controlled legislatures having passed them in numerous states after the 2010 election,”explained The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. “Most states still request some form of ID, but don’t require it. Another 20 states don’t require identification. In case you’re wondering where your state is at in all of this, a helpful (sic) graphic from the Post’s graphics team.”

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Leftwing partisan

Shaheen Teamed with Debate Moderator Stephanopoulos On Bill Clinton Campaign

Matthew Boyle, Oct. 15, 2104,

Video captured by C-SPAN in 1996 shows George Stephanopoulos, then a “senior adviser” to President Bill Clinton, accepting on Clinton’s behalf the endorsement of then Democratic state Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, among others.

Earlier in the video, Shaheen endorses Clinton’s re-election campaign—an endorsement, among the others in the video, Stephanopoulos was there to accept on Clinton’s behalf.

“For 25 years, [State Sen.] Susan McClane has served in the House and Senate of this state as the conscience to remind us in New Hampshire that the values we’ve outlined are the family values that we all should support,” Shaheen said. “She’s here today to point out that it’s President Clinton who’s the only candidate for re-election—for the presidency in 1996—that truly supports those family values.”

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No need for subsides?

While You Were Getting Worked Up Over Oil Prices, This Just Happened To Solar

Tom Randall, Oct. 29, 2014, Bloomberg 

After years of struggling against cheap natural gas prices and variable subsidies, solar electricity is on track to be as cheap or cheaper than average electricity-bill prices in 47 U.S. states -- in 2016, according to a Deutsche Bank report published this week. That’s assuming the U.S. maintains its 30 percent tax credit on system costs, which is set to expire that same year.

Even if the tax credit drops to 10 percent, solar will soon reach price parity with conventional electricity in well over half the nation: 36 states. Gone are the days when solar panels were an exotic plaything of Earth-loving rich people. Solar is becoming mainstream, and prices will continue to drop as the technology improves and financing becomes more affordable, according to the report.

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Didn't take Kreskin

Carney: Democrats Are 'Going to Have a Bad Election Day'

Josh Feldman, Oct. 28, 2014, Mediaite

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney admitted on CNN today that Democrats are “going to have a bad election day” any way you look at it, considering how well the Republicans are doing and how likely it is they will make some significant gains in both chambers of Congress.

Carney said, “No matter how you slice it Republicans are gonna pick up seats in the Senate and the House, and they may win control of the Senate.”

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Media incites hysteria

Ann Coulter: Hysterical Media Tells Us To Calm Down

Ann Coulter, Oct. 29, 2014, Townhall

In the past week, The New York Timeshas ridiculed Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Chris Christie for having "fed panic" by ordering quarantines for health workers arriving from Ebola-plagued countries.

NBC News' Brian Williams opened his broadcast last Friday announcing that the Obama administration was trying "to restrain the Ebola panic."

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow complained that the "hysteria" over Ebola was getting "stupider."
I haven't noticed any panic.

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Obama flat-out hostile

White House Tries To Ease Flare-Up Over Netanyahu Insults

Oct. 29, 2014,

The White House on Wednesday sought to tamp down the controversy over a magazine piece that detailed deep tensions between the U.S. and Israel – and quoted an unnamed senior Obama administration official calling the Israeli leader a “chickenshit.”

Administration officials, including White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, did not deny the quote. They also did not signal there would be any robust effort to find out who said it.

But Alistair Baskey, spokesman for the National Security Council, said the criticism does not reflect how the rest of the administration views Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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Knight's bail at $1,000,000!

Suge Knight, Comedian Katt Williams Arrested for Stealing A Camera

Oct. 29, 2014, TMZ Staff

Suge Knight and Katt Williams got busted today for allegedly snatching a camera from a female photographer in Beverly Hills.

The alleged incident went down back on Sept. 5 outside a studio ... according to the L.A. County D.A.

Katt was arrested this morning when he showed up in court for an assault case -- and TMZ obtained Suge's mug shot ... taken after he was nabbed in Las Vegas. They were booked for robbery.

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Obama hates Bibi

Netanyahu On White House Comments: 'Attack On Me Comes Only Because I am Defending Israel'

Katie Pavlich, Oct. 29, 2014, Townhall

As you've probably read by now, high level officials at the White House refer to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "chicksh*it" among other childish things according to reporting from The Atlantic's Jeffery Goldberg. Although President Obama hasn't addressed the alleged comments yet (and Press Secretary Josh Earnest dodged questions during the daily briefing today), Netanyahu has issued a response with indirect references to unacceptable White House foreign policy positions regarding Israel over the years.

"When Israel is pressured to make concessions on its security it is very easy to give in. There are ovations and ceremonies on lawns and afterwards come the missiles and the tunnels. As Prime Minister I am responsible for Israel's security. I care about the lives of every civilian and soldier. I have been on the battlefield many times. I have risked my life for the country and I am not prepared to make concessions that will endanger our state," Netanyahu said.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Won't matter, they'll raise it anyway

L.A.: Key Committee Adds More Members To Min Wage Debate

Council President Herb Wesson
By Alice Walton, Oct. 29, 2014,

As the Los Angles City Council considers proposals to increase the hourly minimum wage, the council's president added two more members to a key committee weighing the measure.

Council President Herb Wesson added himself and Councilman Paul Koretz to the Economic Development Committee as it debates a proposal from Mayor Eric Garcetti to increase the minimum wage to $13.25 an hour by 2017. They're also considering a second proposal from four council members to raise it even further, to $15.25 an hour by 2019.

In an interview with KPCC, Wesson said he expanded the committee from five members to seven to get a "wide variety of ideas" and to “eliminate complaints and concerns” about the process.

"It should be a methodical process," he said.

Last month, the Los Angeles City Council approved raising the minimum wage for employees of non-unionized hotels to $15.37 an hour. Pro-business interests complained the process was rushed.

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Losing the youngin's

Majority Of Millennials Turn On Obama, Favor A GOP-Led Congress

By Benjamin Siegel, Oct. 29, 2014,

Now, more than half of likely 18-29 year-old voters want a Republican-led Congress, according to a new poll from the Harvard University Institute of Politics.

It’s a marked shift for the youngest and largest generation of voters, who have supported Democrats reliably since 2004.

The group now appears more in line with the rest of the country.

Millennials who said they will “definitely be voting” favor a Republican-led Congress 51-47 percent, according to the poll. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released earlier this week found that roughly half of Americans plan to vote for Republicans this election, 50-44 percent.

The two polls had identical approval ratings for Obama’s performance, at 43 percent.

Get real-time results pushed to your phone on Election Night. Click here to sign up for the races that matter most to you.

According to Harvard/IOP poll, 46 percent of young Hispanic voters approve of the president, down from 60 percent this spring, a troubling sign for Democrats counting on Hispanic support in places like Colorado.

The poll found that millennials continue to support Democrats overall, and trust the party to handle issues like race relations, immigration and foreign policy, but the fact that the millennials most motivated to vote favor Republicans makes the group a “swing constituency,” according to John Della Volpe, the IOP’s director of polling.

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Mike throws down!

Michael Jordan, Golf, Obama: 'He’s A Hack, It Would Be All Day Playing With Him.’

By Evan Jankens, Oct. 30, 2014,

Earlier this week, Michael Jordan took over the Charlotte Hornets Twitter account.

It appears on Thursday Michael Jordan is trying to take over the internet.

Jordan sat down with his old buddy Ahmad Rashad to talk about his ultimate foursome when it came to playing golf.

Jordan said he would like to include President Obama along with Arnold Palmer but did not go onto mention his fourth.

After Jordan mentioned Obama he went on to say: “I’ve never played with Obama but I would, but no, that’s okay, I’d take him out. He’s a hack, it would be all day playing with him.”

Rashad went on to ask Jordan if he was sure he wanted to say that to the President of the United States? “I never said he wasn’t a great politician, I’m just saying he’s a sh—- golfer.”

Good ol’ Mike J even talking junk about the President.

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Elder Asks: If This Were A Hetero 13 Yr Old Girl Or Boy--Would This Be Funny? (VIDEO)


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America's dad?

Queen Latifah -- CANCELS Bill Cosby Interview ... After Rape Allegations Resurface 

By TMZ Staff, Oct. 30, 2014,

Bill Cosby won't be promoting his new comedy tour on Queen Latifah's talk show ... because the Queen and her crew got cold feet after rape allegations resurfaced.

Comedian Hannibal Buress called Cosby out last week during a stand up set ... wondering out loud if people remembered Bill had been accused of rape by 13 women over the years. The old news got re-circulated, even though there were not fresh allegations.

Production sources tell us Latifah honchos didn't want the association so they 86'd Cosby. They're particularly sensitive because a video from Latifah's show just went viral, showing a 13-year-old gay kid going crazy on the show after winning VIP Ru Paul tickets.

Cosby has never been criminally charged with sexual assault ... but he has been sued.

As for Latifah ... good thing Jon Cryer is still booked.

A show spokesperson just told TMZ, "Mr. Cosby's scheduled appearance on The Queen Latifah Show was postponed at his request and was in no way related to any of our recent or upcoming scheduled guests."

Our sources stand by the story.

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America's dad?

Actress Lifts Lid Off Her Harrowing Years Of Sex Abuse By Bill Cosby

Barbara Bowmanis now a successful abstract 
expressionist artist in Scottsdale, Arizona
By Lycia Naff, Oct. 27, 2014,

When comedian Hannibal Buress delivered his recent merciless tongue-lashing at Bill Cosby, calling him a serial 'rapist', there was one woman who was paying particularly close attention.

When Barbara Bowman was a teenager she was emotionally and sexually abused by the TV star and in an exclusive interview with MailOnline she describes in chilling detail how Cosby manipulated her into believing he was a father figure and took advantage of her youth, vulnerability and yes, even ambition, to have his way with her over and over again.

'I was drugged and raped by that man,' she tells MailOnline. 'He is a monster. He came at me like a monster. My hope is that others who have experienced sexual abuse will not be intimidated into silence by the famous, rich and powerful. If I can help one victim, then I've done my job.' 

Raised in Denver from age nine by her mother, Barbara soon began studying acting and modeling. By 13, she became a client of J.F. Images, Denver's top agency at the time.

What began as a dream in 1985 with a private 'audition' for Cosby ended two years later in screams for help while being pinned down to the comic's hotel bed.

Barbara, now 47, says it's time to end her code of silence — a silence that at least 13 other victims have followed — spanning three decades.

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What happened to abundance of caution?

Kaci Hickox, Self-Absorbed Hero

Kaci Hickox, nurse quarantined for Ebola
By Mark Davis, Oct. 30, 2014,

There is something uniquely jarring about a display of selfish insolence from someone who is so praiseworthy in other respects. Maddening traits usually come from maddening people, as their true character surfaces.

But the insults delivered to a concerned nation by heroic nurse Kaci Hickox are particularly hard to absorb, because the proper reaction of revulsion does not mix well with the sentiments we would like to be sending her way.

Those sentiments would be: We are so glad you are home safely, we pray for you to remain symptom-free, and most of all, we honor you for the courage you displayed in deploying to West Africa to help fight Ebola.

I’m sure the nation harbors exactly those attitudes about Ms. Hickox, but our outgoing warm thoughts have been doused by the waves of complaining she has treated us to since setting foot back on American soil.

Granted, her first days back in the U.S. were in a makeshift tent none of us would have enjoyed. Returning Ebola-fighters deserve better than to poop in a box.

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And we're supposed to have confidence?

Ebola Doctor ‘Lied’ About NYC Travels

Dr. Craig Spencer / Facebook
By Jamie Schram and Bruce Golding, Oct. 29, 2014,

The city’s first Ebola patient initially lied to authorities about his travels around the city following his return from treating disease victims in Africa, law-enforcement sources said.

Dr. Craig Spencer at first told officials that he isolated himself in his Harlem apartment — and didn’t admit he rode the subways, dined out and went bowling until cops looked at his MetroCard the sources said.

“He told the authorities that he self-quarantined. Detectives then reviewed his credit-card statement and MetroCard and found that he went over here, over there, up and down and all around,” a source said.

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Remains defiant

Maine Nurse defies Ebola quarantine (Takes Off On A Bike)

Nurse Kaci Hickox (right) and her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur,
were followed by a Maine State Trooper
Robert F. Bukaty / AP
By Associated Press, Oct. 30, 2014,

FORT KENT, Maine — A nurse who vowed to defy Maine’s voluntary quarantine for health care workers who treated Ebola patients followed through on her promise Thursday, leaving her home for an hour-long bike ride.

Kaci Hickox and her boyfriend stepped out of their home Thursday morning and rode away on mountain bikes, followed by a state police cruiser.

It was the second time Hickox broke quarantine. She left her home Wednesday evening briefly to speak to reporters, even shaking a hand that was offered to her.

Hickox contends there’s no need for quarantine because she’s showing no symptoms. She’s also tested negative for the deadly disease.

‘‘I really hope that we can work things out amicably and continue to negotiate,’’ she said Thursday morning while riding on a dirt trail.

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PunditFact Lies Again By Larry Elder

By Larry Elder, Oct. 30, 2014

PunditFact strikes again. For the second time.

PunditFact is a so-called truth-seeking column by the Tampa Bay Times. Its website describes the feature as "dedicated to checking the accuracy of claims by pundits, columnists, bloggers, political analysts, the hosts and guests of talk shows."

President Barack Obama, for example, recently made the following patently wrongheaded claim: "The states that have raised the minimum wage have had faster job growth than the states that haven't raised the minimum wage." This claim implies a causal connection between raising the minimum wage and prosperity. Minimum-wage hikes do not provoke growth. Indeed, the reverse is true. Yet PunditFact's sister site, PolitiFact, gave Obama a generous "half true."

What did I say that got me fact-checked?

On CNN, I said, "If black America were a country, it would be the 15th wealthiest in the world." PunditFact rated the statement "false." Not even "mostly false" or "half true"?

PunditFact said: "In 2011, the report (Elder) provided us, Target Market Newsput the income spent by African-Americans at $836 billion. Elder got his talking point by comparing that figure to the World Bank's list of each country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced. In 2011, 'black America's' $836 billion would have put it in 16th, above Indonesia and below South Korea."

So Elder said 15th and it's really 16th -- close enough, right? Well, no.

PunditFact, you see, says that I failed to look at "purchasing power parity." They divided blacks' $1 trillion earned income by 44.5 million (every black man, woman and child in America) and applied a "conversion factor called purchasing power parity to account for the different values of goods and services in different countries." Then they compared that to a list of countries ranked by GDP per capita, and voila! PunditFact says black America falls to 44th -- between Portugal and Lithuania. "Purchasing power parity?"

Newspapers, newscasters and business publications routinely do stories about China eclipsing America as the world's "largest" or "biggest" or "richest" or "wealthiest" country -- with no mention of purchasing power parity. For example:

Fox News, April 30, 2014: "And setting the stage for a new economic superpower to replace us -- get this -- by the end of the year ... China."

Time magazine headline, April 30, 2014: "China Poised to Pass U.S. as World's Leading Economic Power This Year"

Financial Times headline, April 30, 2014: "China Could Overtake the U.S. as the World's No. 1 Economy This Year"

CBS Evening News, Oct. 9, 2014: "(Today) came the news that China has surpassed the United States as the largest economy in the world."

The New York Times' headline in 2010: "China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy." The second paragraph read: "The milestone, though anticipated for some time, is the most striking evidence yet that China's ascendance is for real and that the rest of the world will have to reckon with a new economic superpower." Despite the headline, we don't read anything about China's per capita income until the 9th paragraph, and nothing on purchasing power parity.

Since PunditFact kicks me for not using purchasing power parity, surely PunditFact's parent, Tampa Times, follows its own advice when writing about the size of a country's economy? Wrong.

A Tampa Times' 2012 story headlined "With Slow Growth, China Can't Prop Up the World Economy" called China "the world's second-largest economy," with not one word about per capita GDP or purchasing power parity. It also reprinted articles from other papers that discuss a country's gross GDP with no reference to purchasing power parity or per capita income.

This is my second bogus fact-check.

Several months ago on CNN's Crossfire I said, "In 1900, at all three levels of government -- federal, state and local -- government took less than 10 percent of the American people's money." PunditFact found no problem there.

Second, I said that when you take all three levels of government -- federal, state and local -- today government takes "about 35 percent." PunditFact calculated total government expenditures at 32.6 percent of GDP, and at 38.5 percent of personal income. Again, no problem there.

But then I said, "Add a dollar value to mandates" issued from Washington, DC, on the various states, "you're talking almost 50 percent" of our income. PunditFact said "the exact cost is hard to pin down" since it's difficult to assign a "cost" to a mandate. True, but this doesn't mean mandates are without cost or that we can't make an attempt to determine that cost. I asked UCLA economics Professor Lee Ohanian about my "controversial" assertion. He said, "If anything, youunderstated the amount government takes." And PunditFact even conceded, "Elder's figures certainly are eye-popping, and his general point -- that the government consumes a lot more money than it did more than 100 years ago -- is true."

Therefore, as with Obama, did PunditFact give at least partial credit for the "true" claims about how much government took in 1900 and the amount it takes today? Nope. PunditFact gave me "mostly false."

For its blatant bias and unfairness, let's rate PunditFact "mostly useless."

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