Friday, February 24, 2017

Iran Tells U.S. Chess Champion To Wear A Hijab – Here’s How She Responds

By The Blaze, Feb. 21, 2017

Nazi Paikidze is the reigning U.S. chess champion, but when the Iranian government told her she had to wear a hijab, the Muslim head veil, and restrict contact with men in order to compete in the world competition hosted by Iran this year, she refused. The “morality laws” were supported by FIDE, the international organization that coordinates the world chess championship event.

“By participating, I would be forced to submit to forms of oppression designed specifically for women,” Paikidze told Marie Clare magazine. “It sets the wrong example, particularly for young girls interested in chess.”

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  1. Reeeeeally! They want, protest for, clamor and demand "their" own freedom HERE in OUR Christian land & soil to dress, think, worship and conduct as they deem necessary against the grain and fabric that once was red-white & blue of our land...Even Sikh Muslim NYPD officers are allowed "Turbans" and long beards (did you ever think you'd see the day?) instead of the legendary blue peaked cap! (did we ever accommodate the legendary Irish/Scottish cops and allowed them to use flat caps or Tam o'shanter plaid bonnets? NOT that I can remember)but they are unwilling to kindly reciprocate, permit, forgo and ALLOW us in kind to comport our selves in our customary AMERICAN "OWN WAYS" while in their land???? C'mon! Not one soul sees Aaaaaaany thing WRONG with this??? America is in a deep slumber and in for a true shock when it wakes up and it will not be by a Prince kiss it will be through decapitation Mr. Elder!


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