Thursday, March 26, 2015

Four (Black) Cops Killed in Seven Days --Where's the Outrage?

Credit:  Portland Press Herald / AP
By Larry Elder, Mar. 26, 2015

Wednesday, March 4: Fulton County police detective Terence Avery Green was killed, shot in the head by a suspect. According to WXIA-TV, Atlanta: "Police responded to a shots fired call early Wednesday. They were told the suspect was possibly intoxicated. Neighbors said the man was going from house to house, banging on doors and firing a long barrel gun. ...

"(Fulton County Assistant Police Chief Gary) described the situation as an ambush, saying the officers 'were trying to do their job, they were trying to protect this neighborhood from someone who was shooting. And they had no other option but to do their job. And the way it appears to me, they were ambushed without warning.' ...

"Green was a veteran officer with nearly 22 years of service. He is survived by his parents and his four sons."

Thursday, March 5: Officer Robert Wilson III, while on duty and in uniform, walked into a game store to purchase a gift for his son. Two men robbed the store, and shot and killed Officer Wilson. According to CNN: "Wilson was standing at the counter across from employees at the GameStop store when two brothers, Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams, walked in carrying guns, police said.

"They allegedly stuck up the store with at least five patrons and two employees inside.

"'They said they thought it was going to be an easy target,' said police spokesman Capt. James Clark. ... Wilson confronted (the suspects), and a firefight broke out, police said.

"The officer, an eight-year veteran, stepped away from others in the store to keep them out of the crossfire, police said after watching the store's security camera footage.

"He was a hero and a warrior, Clark said. "He fought until the very, very end, firing at both of them."... Within 30 to 40 seconds, 50 shots fell, he said. ...

"Wilson was 30 years old. In addition to his son, he leaves behind a 1-year-old daughter. His son turns 10 on Monday. The game was also going to be a birthday present."

Saturday, March 7: Police Officer Brennan Rabain was killed while trying to make a traffic stop on a speeding driver. The officer lost control of his squad car and crashed into a fence. According to the local NBC affiliate news: "Police are searching for anyone who may have witnessed a crash that killed a Prince George's County police officer. ... Rabain had been off duty, but when he initiated the traffic stop, he went back on duty, police said." Rabain, 27, had been with the department less than two years, and leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter.

Tuesday, March 10: Deputy U.S. Marshal Josie Wells, 27, was killed in a shootout near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as he attempted to apprehend a fugitive accused of killing a brother and sister.

According the Associated Press: "The fugitive, Jamie D. Croom, 31, was shot and taken to a hospital. ... Croom was wanted in the shooting deaths of a brother and sister in New Roads, Louisiana. ...

"The shootout took place in Scotlandville, an area north of Baton Rouge. A task force made by federal Marshals was serving an arrest warrant when the shootout happened. ... Croom, a resident of New Roads, had a lengthy criminal record, (local Sheriff Beauregard) Torres said. 'He was a dangerous criminal,' Torres said. 'It was a very high price to pay for this warrant to bring this man into custody. It was a very, very high price.'

"Wells was a graduate of East Central High School in Hurley, Mississippi, and of Jackson State University. 'He was a tremendous student,' East Central Principal James Hughey told WLOX-TV. 'He was very well liked.' ... Wells' father, Obie Wells Sr., is a retired Jackson County sheriff's deputy. His brother, Obie Wells Jr., is an officer with the Jackson Police Department in the state capital.

"'His dad was so proud of him for being a U.S. marshal,' (Mississippi state Rep. Manly) Barton said." The day after his death, Wells' wife -- who is pregnant with the couple's first child -- learned the sex of their baby. She is having a boy, and she plans to name him Josie Wells, Jr.

Last year, according to the nonprofit National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, 126 federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officers died in the line of duty in 2014 -- although some deaths were attributed to health problems or traffic accidents. Fifty officers were killed by firearms, 15 of them in ambush attacks.

The memorial fund says that shootings against officers increased 50 percent in 2014. This total includes two NYPD officers killed in December in an ambush. The suspect, killed by police, had posted Internet messages that accused police of racism, threatened to kill officers and urged others to do the same.

Despite the widely publicized recent cases where cops killed blacks, new studies show cops -- black and white -- more reluctant to shoot a black suspect compared to a white suspect. Reasons are unclear, but fear of additional scrutiny -- whether fair or not -- might be a factor.

Suspects who kill cops, however, appear colorblind.

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  2. Generally, when police are killed, America immediately and rightfully views this as a very bad thing. Police find the culprit (assuming he is alive and in the US.) The culprit is tried and convicted. The issue is resolved in the way that our legal system is designed to resolve cases. That is what we call justice. A wrongdoer is penalized for his wrongdoings. No reasonable person would argue that police lives do not matter when police killers are "brought to justice."

    Generally, when a cop kills an unarmed Black person, America "waits until all the facts are in before rushing to judgment." Police are rarely treated as suspects. Police are rarely considered wrongdoers. Police are rarely tried in court for their actions. Police get the benefit of the doubt. Police also get the benefit of unreasonable doubt. But somehow, America calls this justice too.

    Americans become vocal when cops appear to have done something wrong AND are not even accused of some wrongdoing. The message that is sent is that some lives matter more than others. Some lives do not matter at all.

    Americans say #BlackLivesMatter because law enforcement groups appear to act as if Black lives do not matter, while most other lives do matter. #BlackLivesMatter is another way of saying "We are people. We are important. We should be included in whatever benefits are entitled to Americans; including fair and humane treatment by the police." It is not a way of saying no one else matters or everyone else matters less.

    Americans don't need to protest police deaths because Americans knows that justice will prevail in those situations. Americans need to protest seemingly unjustified killings because someone needs to urge the state to apply and enforce the law equally for everyone.

    #BlackLivesMatter is a reminder of that.

    1. It is not a question of race, open your goddamn eyes. Wanna talk about how some police officers commit mistakes? How about we talk about the amount of crimes for wich black individuals are responsible? And how about we talk over that certain ideology that is fed by class struggle?

    2. You are another Cool Aid drinker

  3. You never see news going on and on about officer deaths. It is despicable how little attention these men and women get that protect our streets and our families. These few among us put their lives at risk every day, and though they are human and make mistakes just like us, they should be allowed a generous amount of forgiveness and trust for what they do for us. May God protect those serving now, comfort the families of those lost, and pour out His justice on those responsible.

  4. Black live matter is a joke, just like hands up don't shoot. More racebaiting bullshit brought to you by fine upstanding leaders like Al 'Not so' Sharpton. Black folks that believe this crap have been brainwashed into thinking these people actually care about you and the black community, when in all actuality law enforcement officers are the ones who actually give a damn about us. #alllivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter

    1. Black Lives Matter and Hands Up Don't Shoot are financed by communist George Soros whom also financed the Nation of Islam after HL Hughes.
      BLM is led by a white gay Muslim convert Jeff Hood and three lesbian women. Rev Al Sharkton also on Soros payroll took the helm of Hands Up Don't Shoot and led them absolutely no where.

  5. They care not for actual black folk but the agenda they are driving

  6. Police officers have to make a Melo of a second decision life or death decision.
    My brother was a cop. If I was a cop everyday when I went to work I would tell myself I'm going home tonight they have a right to go home to

  7. Color has no business being the headline. We lost a county officer two months ago. My late husband was a cop so I am prejudiced in favor of ALL of them. Thank you for your seive ll.

  8. the koolaid is so overrated, to the anonymous person who commented that America listens to the facts, quote: "Generally, when a cop kills an unarmed Black person, America "waits until all the facts are in before rushing to judgment." Police are rarely treated as suspects. Police are rarely considered wrongdoers. Police are rarely tried in court for their actions." is about as far off as I have heard, America assumes cops are wrong, no matter what in the shooting of , presumed unarmed black males, some have have been found to actually have weapons, and others have acted in such a way that the police believed they carried a weapon and did not comply with authority. I have almost been shot, not wanting to comply, be the tough guy, challenge the police... it was stupid, I was lucky to survive, being white, no one would have cared, stupid nonetheless! 1st, teach your children that cops can be the good guys, perception of them being good guys will be eliminated, 1st of all if breaking the law. I have been profiled, as drug dealer, bank robber, sex offender, drug smuggler, several other things... the only wrong I was doing was the 1st. Yeah, I was stupid and thought they were just out to get me. I grew up and realized, I was breaking the law, so they were not my friends. I know longer associate with that lifestyle. the term is "play with fire, you get burned". I know there are some cases that are not justified shootings, but TOO MANY make the front of the news that are judged as unjustifiable shootings from the public, to later find out that they had a weapon, or they tried to take the officers weapon, or appeared to have weapon and would not submit to authority because they believed they had the right to not have to. Teach your children respect, and they may get it back.

  9. Where's the Nincompop, young and unwise Mr. Hoog?


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