Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"Just" 22 times more?

Broadcast Networks Cover Kochs 22 Times More Than Election’s Top Funder Steyer

Mark Steyer
By Dan Gainor, Oct. 29, 2014,

The biggest name this midterm election isn’t Barack Obama. It’s liberal billionaire Tom Steyer, the coal king who wants to pretend to be green. Steyer has thrown nearly $74 million at the election in an attempt to tip seven key states into the Democratic column, funding more than 7,000 commercials.

Steyer and his Nextgen Climate Political Action Committee are trying to make climate change the key issue on the ballot. According to an October Gallup poll, only 2 percent of Americans think “Environment/Pollution” is one of the top non-economic issues facing the nation.

Steyer is determined to force you to think differently. And he’ll spend whatever it takes to do so – the whole time hoping you forget that he made much of his wealth off the very fuels he now pretends to hate.

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