Sunday, August 6, 2017

Congress Leaves Town Exhausted, Unsuccessful and Frustrated

By NBC News, Aug. 05, 2017

WASHINGTON — Congress is ready for a break. 
For Republicans flush with election victory, 2017 was supposed to be a year of winning, as then-candidate Donald Trump often said, for an ambitious legislative agenda on Capitol Hill. Seven months in, it hasn't worked out the way they envisioned. 
Republican leaders have failed to repeal and replace Obamacare, they are behind schedule on reforming the nation’s tax system and they haven't even broached plans to boost the nation's infrastructure — three of their top legislative priorities.
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  1. I don't particularly view the HCare matter as a full on negative. Only by doing law RIGHT, are we really getting what we, as citizens, need. So far none of the proposed law appears remotely near right. We'll know it's right when TORT REFORM, and provision for restricted powers for regulation by organizations like AMA are included. Resricted supply of med schools, hospital beds, doctor jobs, together with onerous rules, and continuing ed once in the job, is resulting tens of thousands (>45k) shortages of primary care physicians, the gate keepers of most medical systems. This results in INCREASED COST. Supply and demand does apply to medicine.

    I'm involved heavily with IT, and technology. Thus, I had serious doubts about the forensics done so far on Wikileaks materials (why not lay out all technical assessments in glorious detail, unless you are not confident of the assessment). This is a link to a very useful study by an IT forensics person calling himself "Forensicator" (he's young, so give him a break. .it's kind of cute, in a way). He has found that the files WL received cannot possibly have been copied other than via a local area network connection (the speed which files were copied was far too fast for an outside connection, particularly one outside the USA).

    Right now, "Forensicator" is arguing back and forth about the possibility of super high speed, but he has completely analyzed the entire document dump, and determined that it was obtained using a Linux connection, and a local network hardware access (i.e. like certain large format drives do; they pack a Linux image, and use this to manage the device; then manage large storage).

    Google "Metadata analysis forensicator" for the original study and the several (conservative) sites which have been covering this.

    To those of us who work with networks, Linux, Win, programming and technology this is very compelling. This means someone. . .we do not REALLY know who, was located, very likely in the DNC headquarters, or on a very high speed net in the immediate area of the DNC. 23 MB/s is very, very high speed for file copying. It's near what I get on my own machines, on a gigabit switch.

    This is not likely any Russian. Maybe a Pakistani IT guy, but no Russian.


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