Monday, October 27, 2014

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ISIS 'See You In New York' Warning Fulfilled

New York City Police Commissioner
William J. Bratton

By Investors Business Daily, Oct. 24, 2014,

Terrorism: An ax attack on two New York City cops by a Muslim convert with jihadi postings on his Facebook page is yet another reminder of the prophetic warning by the leader of the Islamic State.

Some pundits are downplaying any connection between Zale Thompson, who attacked two New York City cops with a hatchet, and the Islamic State, which has issued a call for such actions by sympathizers in the West. This is an "isolated case," they say, an act by a "nut job" and not by a terrorist conspirator.

The Islamic State is perhaps the world's largest collection of nut jobs. How sane can someone be, taking joy in sawing off the heads of infidels like Steven Sotloff and James Foley, or delighting in kidnapping and gang-raping the Yazidi women of Iraq because they worship a different god? How sane can young women be who leave the West to journey to Syria in the hopes of being incubators for future jihadis?

In the Soviet era, we might have called the likes of Zale Thompson sleepers — individuals hidden in our free society waiting for the call to fulfill their destiny.

The current bevy of homegrown jihadis beheading office workers in Oklahoma and killing policemen and soldiers in Canada may not have been planted here by the Islamic State. But in the age of social media, they have heard their master's voice and responded accordingly.

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