Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cutting into that 95% black dem vote

Elbert Guillory And The Reverse Southern Strategy

By Robert Tracinski, Oct. 6, 2014, Thefederalist.com

Elbert Guillory has just shown us the way forward.

Guillory is a Louisiana state senator who caused a stir last year when he switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. That would not have been news if Guillory were white; in fact, he would have been pretty far behind the curve. But Guillory is black and represents a poor black district, which makes his spirited defense of the Republican Party much more significant.

Now Guillory is back with a stunning new ad which doesn’t just criticize incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu—Guillory supports her challenger, Bill Cassidy—but also dismantles the Democratic Party entire claim to the black vote.

his ad immediately needs to be given massive funding and run in a continuous loop on Louisiana television for the next month.

Guillory himself is exactly the kind of spokesman the Republican Party needs to recruit on the national level. He will be running for lieutenant governor of Louisiana next year, which should give him a good platform.

The power of Guillory’s message comes from a combination of the quiet dignity of his manner (he has an air of old-fashioned Southern formality), his roots in a down-at-heels black community, and the clear failure of the big promises made to blacks on behalf of the welfare state.

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