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By World Religion News, May 31, 2019

When Lisa Guerrero, the reporter for Inside Edition ran up to the luxury SUV which televangelist Kenneth Copeland was getting into, the interview that followed can only be described as a toe squirming one. For the interest of balance, Guerrero launched a hard ball as her first question when she asked why the televangelist would not fly commercial and what does he mean when he said that he does not want to be in a tube occupied by demons?

Kenneth Copeland, the owner of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, admits himself to be an extremely wealthy man. Sources report him having a net worth above $300 million. He claims his wealth is not solely sourced from his supporters. He said that he has huge reserves of natural gas under his property. He also claimed to have distributed his wealth, saying that Kenneth Copeland Ministries has invested approximately $25 million to help the poor, pointing out he could do that only as he was rich.
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