Monday, November 26, 2018

Muslim rapes teen girl, acquitted due to 'cultural norms'

By WND, Nov. 25, 2018

A French court acquitted a refugee from Bangladesh for the rape of a high-school girl after the defense argued the immigrant had “different cultural norms” that may have caused him to misinterpret his contact with the girl.

The refugee also was charged with sexually assaulting another young girl. Both incidents happened in 2015. He was given a suspended sentenced of two years in prison for the sexual-assault charge, reported Voice of Europe, citing the French news site La Manche Libre.
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  1. Given the status quo of the E.U., I have no doubt that women in the eastern world are forcefully bowing to the manipulative nature of laws and daily normal living within most countries of the E.U. If women in the eastern world take a stance so strong that when they do take that stance of women's rights and all the legalities that follow. Their stock market within their countries will take a dive so deep E.U. will have no choice but to revise their laws and rid themselves of ignorance gets a pass and that's if women there are joined as a sisterhood and not just rogue pockets of angry women. Just my opinion.

  2. Isn't it exciting, how wonderfully accepting Western Europeans have become? They are willing to give up hundreds of years of their own culture, to adopt the better, kinder, gentler way of the Islamic world.


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