Monday, July 2, 2018

Study: About 1 in 5 adults use pot, many report driving high

By Boston Herald, June 30, 2018

BOSTON — About one in three Massachusetts residents who use marijuana say they have driven while under the influence of the drug.

That's among the findings of a statewide study of marijuana use released Friday by the Department of Public Health.
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  1. No one should drive a car while intoxicated on anything ever. That being said people in the United States have been driving under the influence of alcohol, prescription drugs and cannabis in ever increasing numbers since the mass produced automobile was invented. Alcohol and prescription drug intoxication are commonplace as the direct cause in a very large percentage of all fatal auto accidents. Over 16,000 traffic fatalities a year are directly attributable to alcohol intoxication and over 5,000 more to pharmaceutical drug intoxication. Both alcohol and prescription drugs are well known statistical serial killers both in driving and in life in general.

    Marijuana prohibitionists are doing and saying everything and anything possible to make cannabis look bad. They nit pick every possible aspect of cannabis consumption in an effort to stop legalization. Even so, there is no real statistically significant data in the crime logs year to year about cannabis and auto accidents by comparison to serial killers prescription drugs and alcohol. All automobile accidents with fatalities require full spectrum blood toxicology for all the driver at fault. If cannabis use did cause large numbers of driving incidents we would see it in the news and the statistical data and we do not. To the best of my knowledge ( I have checked thoroughly), not a single police agency in the US even keeps a statistic for automobile fatalities caused “solely by cannabis intoxication”. Every police agency in the nation shows ever increasing numbers where alcohol and pharmaceuticals are cited for traffic deaths.

    I am completely against anyone driving intoxicated on anything and support severe penalties for intoxicated drivers, but the silly "OMG cannabis users are going to start driving and cause a rash of accidents" argument is just more reefer madness nonsense and has absolutely no basis in actual crime statistics!

    Legalize, regulate and TAX!


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