Friday, March 30, 2018

Chaffetz Says Sessions' DOJ Protects Hillary Just Like Lynch and Holder

By LifeZette, Mar. 28, 2018

Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said he doesn’t “see much of a difference” between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his Obama administration predecessors on holding the Department of Justice accountable for its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Chaffetz, the former chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said Wednesday on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” that it’s “absolutely pathetic” that the DOJ and FBI have been slow-walking lawmakers’ subpoenas for documents.
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  1. Prosecutors fear becoming the next victims of Hillaricide !!

  2. Superficially, it appears to this "Awakened", no-longer-CA-democrat, that Sessions is dragging his feet, sort of in service to the protocols of long-criminally-intended DC Swamp's reflexive covering for so many of their well-dressed criminal brethren! I might be wrong, but, appearances do mean something! Part of Session's apparent weaknesses are likely due to my former party's purposeful blocking of Trump's Cabinet, and other high-level government appointments!


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