Sunday, November 12, 2017

Trump says Putin Denies Election Meddling

By NBC News, Nov. 11, 2017

DANANG, Vietnam — President Donald Trump hinted Saturday that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin when he denies that Moscow meddled in the 2016 election. He also dismissed the assessment of U.S. intelligence chiefs that the Kremlin was responsible as a politically motivated "hit job" damaging his ability to work with foreign leaders on matters of life and death.

"[Putin] said he absolutely did not meddle in our election. He did not do what they are saying he did," Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Hanoi following a meeting with Putin on the sidelines of the APEC summit in Danang.

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  1. I agree with Trump. I think this is a total sham. It makes me wonder about how deep the corruption goes in our government, and what agencies are involved. It seems pretty obvious the intelligence agencies in on this with their free pass to clinton criminal negligence and uranium1. I don't believe Russia story. It probably is something all major countrys take an interest in. We knoow Obama interfered with Israels election. Not one vote or ballet involved. If I understand correctly, the whole gripe is blaming Russia for wikileaks. Wikileaks said it was from an insider of the DNC. I believe what wikileaks said. They boast 10 years of 100% accuracy. If i got any of that wrong please correct me. One more thing, i see no relationship between the indictment and investigation into Trump colluding with Russians. What am I missing. I also don't understand why Mueller is leading investigation when it seems he has several conflicts of interest. Thank you.


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