Thursday, July 27, 2017

Democratic IT Aide Allegedly Stole House Democrats' Laptops; Wasserman Schultz Fights The Police. What The Hell Is Going On?

By Daily Wire, July 26, 2017

Meet Imran Awan.

Awan was an aide to 25 members of the House Democratic caucus. Over the past decade, Awan and his family members were paid some $4 million by House Democrats. He was arrested on charges of bank fraud yesterday while attempting to flee the country; he was headed to Pakistan, where he had reportedly wired nearly $300, 000 to himself. Smashed hard drives were reportedly found at his home. According to Politico, Awan and his wife had been investigated for stealing equipment from some House members; there are suspicions that Awan may have put information from that equipment onto the cloud. While other House members fired Awan months ago, former Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz decided to keep him on payroll until the day of his arrest, and attempted to stop police from looking at her smashed laptop, which Awan apparently had. Naturally, top Demcorats are claiming that Awan may have been arrested due to — you guessed it! — Islamophobia.

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