Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why Trump Should Be Very Afraid Of James Comey’s Memos

By Washington Post, May 17, 2017

Four days ago, President Trump threatened former FBI director James B. Comey. He dangled the prospect that there were tapes of their conversations, suggesting he might use them if Comey leaked information to the press.

It turns out Comey has his own records of those conversations. And that should make Trump very worried.

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  1. All this hype about these "memos" is crazy! A memo is by definition an interoffice message between two people. So these aren't really "memos" at all. They are Comey's notes. His recollection or summation of a conversation after the fact. Did he write his notes an hour later? a Day? several days? How do we know he wrote down everything word for word? Even if the notes are turned over they are still his word against President Trump's. And we know Comey's words don't always line up with realty. Wasn't there quite a discrepancy between the number of emails Comey said was forward to Anthony Weiner and the actual number that was?? A little common sense in these matters would go a long way!

  2. This man....the traitor....(note how he operated under the Obama administration)....was holding on to his 'notes' (and just because he wrote them does not mean they are true), were being kept for BLACK MAIL. Nothing els.


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