Thursday, March 2, 2017

Time Magazine: How Donald Trump's Executive Orders Target People Of Color

By Time, Feb. 27, 2017

This month, President Donald Trump signed three executive orders that will intensify the criminalization of communities of color, under the false premise of the need to increase “law and order.” Leveraging public perception that crime is on the rise and the backlash against protesters, immigrants and grassroots efforts such as the Black Lives Matter movement, these executive orders ramp up policing efforts and federalize protections for police. Executive actions like these only worsen the continued criminalization of communities of color.
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  1. Crime will not come down until the causes are addressed. I put much of the blame on absentee fathers, particularly in the black community. Up until about the time of LBJ's "Great Society" the black family was closer knit and stronger than many other families. The divorce rates were lower, and they were stable. Children were raised in two parent homes. Since then, they exact opposite has developed with most black children born into single mom households with NO father around. Why will men not accept responsibilities for THEIR actions? I hear comments many times about how many children someone has been the sperm donor for to multiple women. This leads to lower incomes, less education, higher crime and violence and a general unstable situation. Welfare has fed this situation. Why should the taxpayers continue to pay out more and more for serial illegitimate children? Until this is addressed, the rest is just talk. Without stable families, groups like BLM will continue to be a problem. If BLM was truly advocating for the black community, they would be addressing this very problem. Instead, they attack law enforcement and destroy property. They should be considered a domestic terror group. If black leadership would turn the attention on the absentee fathers maybe something good would happen.


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