Monday, March 13, 2017

Never-Before-Seen Michael Brown Footage Sheds New light on case and suggests he did NOT rob the store Before Being Shot dead By Ferguson Police But Was Involved In A Drug Deal With The Clerks

By Daily Mail., March 11, 2017

A never-before-seen video sheds new light on the Michael Brown case and suggests he did not rob a convenience store as had previously been thought, but instead had been involved in a drug deal with the clerks.

Filmmaker Jason Pollock obtained a copy of the clip and shared it with the New York Times Saturday as part of a preview for his new documentary about the case, titled Stranger Fruit.

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  1. So we are to believe that he was only doing a drug deal not robbing the store changes all the other actions with this Michael Brown and that the final acts of this felon with his attacking a police officer and trying to take his weapon mean nothing. The multiple FBI investigations, the Grand Jury, the eye witnesses (mostly black) all got this wrong? This kind of sensationalism is going to cause partial truths to be fed to paid rioters who will start trouble with assualts, arson and other crimes. So much for honest journalism.

    1. Those scumbags will regardless-fact is he was still a punk, & this is even worse than what we originally thought. & it was his actions AFTER her left the store than earned him that bullet!

  2. He was a thug and a sociopath...regardless of whether he was making drug deals or robbing a convenience store, he was not the pillar of society...he tried thuggery to get out of a situation with a cop and died for it. Well...that's what happens.

  3. no matter what he did before its what he did after that counts .He tried to attack the officer and take his gun to bad that was captured on tape.Thats why he was shot.


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