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Larry Elder on Trump's Win: 'I Hate to Say I Told You So -- Actually, I Really Don't Mind'

By Town Hall, Nov. 10, 2016 

The day after one of the greatest political upsets in world history, I dug out my July 2016 exchange with "David," an Ohio left-wing retired law professor whom I once considered my best friend. He wrote:

"Donald Trump -- the screaming, the red face, the slashing hand gestures, the repeated appeals to familial blood spilled by outsiders, the vow to deport 3 percent of the American population.

"The demonization of our present leaders as stupid, as weak, as corrupt, as criminals, as traitors, as not citizens, as not Christians.

"The mischaracterization of our country as broken, as suffering, as crushed underfoot by foreign forces.

"The assertion that only he can save us ...

"This is unique to American politics, Larry. But the world has seen this before.

"If you can't see it after last night's speech I am afraid you will never see it.

"You have spent your entire career denying that racism still exists. You were wrong. Racism is a powerful force, a dark and tempting lure that can be used by a fanatical leader to frighten and manipulate multitudes. Now you have a raving lunatic racist as the Republican nominee. What will you do? Will you continue to support him? Will you stay silent? You are a man of great influence, and I have faith in you to do the right thing and help to save our country.


My response:


"Name one time I 'denied that racism still exists'! One. I've never written such a thing, said such a thing, or believed such a thing. It is beyond insulting.

"Not only does racism still exist in America, but bigotry does. And you are an example of it. You're bigoted against conservatives, against people who believe the government is too big, against people, like my father, who grew up in the Jim Crow South during the Great Depression, who believed that racism, sexism and whatever 'isms' you want to put forth are no longer major forces in America.

"By making such an asinine statement you reduce yourself to the subterranean level of credibility you claim Trump possesses.

"After that I need not -- and won't -- respond to anything else you said in your email.

"But I will say this. Get used to it. You just heard the next president of the United States. He's going to get elected. And it will be, in no small measure, because of the hysterical, unfair, demonic characterization of him by you and others who, by doing this, malign many soon-to-be Trump-voting Americans, who feel they're working harder and longer and making less money as a result of the policies of the last eight years.

"When he gets elected, go to the nearest mirror -- you played a large role in it.

"I've been doing this a long time. I have a much better handle on how much of America feels and thinks than you do. You think you do, but you don't.

"I've seen the Trump phenomenon divide friends and families. I never really thought it would happen between you and me.

"But this is the first time I truly feel insulted, demeaned and caricatured by you -- simply because I see things differently. I have many, many left-wing friends. I live in California. Honestly, how many conservative friends do you have? I bet the answer is -- after this letter -- none.


David's response:

"These kinds of divisions are inevitable when people are presented with choices that are this momentous. Americans faced a similar choice in the 1850s, Germany in the 1930s. I told you before that Trump is a categorically different candidate. He is not a (John) McCain, or a (Mitt) Romney, or a George or Jeb Bush, men with whom I disagree but who are honorable, decent people, and none of whom support Trump. Trump is a demagogue and a racist. He openly admires dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, and if the report regarding his keeping the book of Hitler's speeches at his bedside is accurate, then him as well. He openly appeals to violence and has expressly vowed to imprison his principal political opponent if he wins and has implicitly called for her to be assassinated if he loses. He rejects the Western alliance of democratic nations in favor of doing business with the Russian kleptocracy.

"I am not deceived as to Trump's popularity. You are right that many people adore Trump. I had hoped you were not one of them. His level of support does not change his essential character; it is what makes him dangerous. I deeply mourn our friendship. But this is just the beginning of this conflict, and the choices we make will define all of us."

This is, indeed, "just the beginning of this conflict" -- the conflict between those who denounced Trump as a racist and a bigot and the American voters who see him and his vision in a very different way. Deal with it.

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  1. I wasted 15 years of life listening to left wing politics, professors, so called friends, this election opened my eyes, at first I felt sad for all the wasted time, I realized the left destroyed my self esteem, how can an ideology robbed a young man of his natural love for life and humanity and turn it into cynicism and hypocrisy is beyond me. Now I am approaching 40 and the victory of Donald J. Trump filled me with so much energy, so much love that it helped me put aside the past, and I feel like I cannot wait to learn from, defend and reelect this great man who I am convinced was sent by God all mighty to save America.

  2. Larry, I have been a Ted Cruzer who was at first intrigued with Donald Trump's penchant for speaking without any Politically Correct filter.

    I was grateful that he was breaking open the PC tyranny imposed in Media. But I was shocked at his ignorance on matters I considered of vital importance to a GOP party representative. Ted Cruz had been fighting a one-man takedown of Obama's policies with nothing but ridicule from his own party leaders in the Senate.

    Ted Cruz had deep Constitutional principles that were informed by study, policy, and action. He was clearly the Best Hope for the GOP to reform and prevent a Clinton Mob takeover and perpetuation of the whole crooked machine already in place from top to bottom across our land.

    I detested Trump more and more as he savaged Cruz and did not understand the value Cruz had already contributed in the Senate in staving off the worst of Obama acts & illegalities.

    Then when Trump continued to denounce Cruz as the GOP floated rumors that they were going to give the Presidential nomination to someone other than Trump, I was furious at both the GOP leaders and Turmp.

    I took away from Ted's brave speech at the Convention that he was appealing to the GOP members to REMEMBER and re-embrace the deeper Republican values that embraced fidelity to the US Constitution. That he was offering an olive branch if Trump would take it to say, "Senator Cruz is correct and his viewpoint much appreciated. I embrace his sentiments and promise to continue my campaign, our campaign, in the spirit of true conservatives that have bravely held the fort for so many thankless years."

    True to his Winner-take-All personality Trump once again spurned such appeals to the higher nature of classical Republican platform ideals.

    I understood that Cruz's "Vote your conscience" was a deeply held and just position considering how he had been savaged and ridiculed unfairly by Trump & Trumpers.

    I became quite positive over the months that when the time was right Senator Cruz ABSOLUTELY would endorse Trump because Cruz is a Senator who has much work to do and was positiviely a NEVER EVER HILLARY realist.

    Cruzers and Never Trumpers told me I was deluded.

    I told them that "Vote your conscience" for Ted Cruz left him all the room in the world to embrace the GOP platform and the fight to defeat Hillary Clinton ABOVE all.

    No doubt in my mind, Cruz will soon Endorse Trump and that it was not a betrayal of his ideals.

    So have I kept the faith that a win by Trump, a vote FOR Trump was the clearest avenue to VICTORY we could possibly take.

    I knew that this was the LAST time we would ever get that chance.

    A Clinton administration would finish off the Republican opposition if by no other means but opening the border to swamp our Electoral system from local counties to state and federal races.

    We would never be able to elect any Republican anywhere, simply swamped by eligible permanently Democrat voters.

    The leftists were at the door to destroy America within a year after a Hillary innauguration.

    Ted Cruz soldiered on, allowing himself to be photographed calling voters on the phone For Donald Trump. He promoted the GOP ticket and Trump/Pence to the very night of the election and Tweeted support and encouragement to the Trump/Pence ticket.

    So, WE have won a Great, Great Victory with President Trump.

    I am Thrilled, my man, Ted Cruz is ecstatic.

    This is the best possible outcome from his own defeat.

    Many prayers go out to President Trump that he will accept wise, experience help from all true, classical Republicans.

    Joy to the World, the Lord has come and so soon to Jerusalem.

    Merry Christmas to you, Larry!

    1. Boy did Cruz fool you.. Funny how we choose to see things the way WE want to see them and not for what or whom they really are....

  3. Interesting with all the Jewish people involved with the Trump family someone always tried to invoke Hitler. Makes me wonder who really has the book of speaches...

  4. I have a question for you.Why would Iran need so many aircraft from Boeing? Has anyone considered they will use them as guided missiles as aircraft were used on 9/11 ? They certainly don't need them for tourists . I am concerned.


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