Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Giuliani, Sessions, Keating, Et Al: Time For Loretta Lynch To Appoint a Special Counsel

By Fox News, Nov. 05, 2016 

We are concerned about the egregious damage that has been inflicted on two revered government agencies: the Department of Justice and Department of State.  The primary missions of both have been derailed for political purposes.

The Department of Justice has been thwarted by its top officials’ refusal to conduct a proper investigation of former Secretary Clinton’s unsecured email server and the Pay for Play accusations based on millions of dollars paid to President Clinton personally and the Clinton Foundation by entities having issues before the State Department, all while she was Secretary.

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  1. Surely a persons' guilt/innocence [BEYOND 'reasonable' doubt] can ONLY be established through the defendant having been SWORN in [in a Court of Law] and that any/all evidence [both 'for' and 'against' the defendant] is laid bare [before the Court of Law] to be judged by a SWORN in jury.
    People want to be able to rest in, and take comfort in, the blindfolded woman securely holding up the balance scale of justice ..that her blindfold could be 'relaxed', allowing her to be able to 'see' and even INFLUENCE the outcome of cases is a mockery of what all decent people hold to be representative of TRUTH and FAIRNESS.
    I'm only an average man, without training in Law [much less U.S. law] so - BECAUSE Hillary Clintons' case was NOT fully handled by the DOJ - but was 'arranged' by Loretta Lynch to be "looked into" by the FBI [who then declared that there was NO case for Hillary Clinton to have to answer, because they found NO guilt on her behalf]. Days later, the FBI announced they were RE-opening the case against Hillary Clinton [in spite of obstructions by the DOJ] RE-opened based on a NEW cache of [360,000] emails - apparently relating to Hillary Clintons' business as U.S. SECRETARY of STATE - but within ten days BEFORE the Federal election day - the FBI AGAIN dropped this RE-opened Hillary Clinton 'email' case saying that ALL of the [360,000] emails had been carefully checked - and were merely just copies of what the FBI already had in their possession. Hillary Clintons' case was NEVER fully handled by the DOJ - but was allowed [by Loretta Lynch] to be "looked at" by the FBI - with this being the determined decision of Loretta Lynch - doesn't this negate Jim Comeys' decision to be able to declare the WHOLE case against Hillary Clinton as being NULL and VOID..? - seeing as this case was NEVER instigated/handled by the DOJ..? ..could the acceptance of THIS set a far WORSE precedent than that which has been supposed to have been set by the FBI "RELEASING" Hillary Clinton..? ..in SPITE of the well-established guilt.?.


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