Monday, November 14, 2016

Boston Boo Birds Flip On Wanda Sykes After Anti-Trump Rant

By Boston Herald, Nov. 13, 2016 

Washington (CNN) Ohio Gov. John Kasich voted Monday for 2008 Republican nominee John McCain instead of for 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Kasich wrote in McCain's name at the top of the ticket, Kasich spokesman Chris Schrimpf said, on his absentee ballot.
Kasich ran against Trump for the Republican nomination, and has been a prominent holdout ever since dropping out of the race in May. He has long promised not to support Trump in November, but he had not previously said who he planned to support instead.

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  1. These Hollywood types are living in such a bubble they think most people agree with their leftist views, this is why Sykes thought she could trash Trump and get applause for it. Well, she learned the hard way that most Americans, even those who paid good money to attend her show, have a low tolerance for the last 8 years of socialist BS tearing apart this country and Europe also...

  2. Hey wanda ...syke out this . in my opinion , you are done , to the pastures. Your material is in poor taste and it ain't good. The people ( audience) have spoken. YOu thought you can come out hug Dennis and wearing your best threads , then you shoot you mouth out about Trump. Its not material you doing, you were sending out a message that he's pure scum. I shut the door on your sykes. Syke out( Freak out) dude.


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