Thursday, September 29, 2016

Obama Email Alias to Clinton Is Why FBI Didn’t Prosecute Hillary

By National Review, Sep 26, 2016 

How is this not classified?” 

So exclaimed Hillary Clinton’s close aide and confidante, Huma Abedin. The FBI had just shown her an old e-mail exchange, over Clinton’s private account, between the then-secretary of state and a second person, whose name Abedin did not recognize. The FBI then did what the FBI is never supposed to do: The agents informed their interviewee (Abedin) of the identity of the second person. It was the president of the United States, Barack Obama, using a pseudonym to conduct communications over a non-secure e-mail system — something anyone with a high-level security clearance, such as Huma Abedin, would instantly realize was a major breach.
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  1. People have been ignorant of their heritage as American citizens as far back as I can remember in my life and beyond for that matter. The Constitution was written with a clear understanding of human nature and what humans will do once put in a position of wealth and power. One might ask why (if there is a God) do the corrupt and morally bankrupt seem to always attain wealth and power? The answer to that question should be painfully obvious to the reader as well. The Clinton's along with every individual I have personally known or read about may have started out with altruistic inspiration but ultimately corrupted by the abundance of power that lead to independent wealth and became what they were inspired to fight against. The corrupt do not see themselves as corrupt.

    We may be on a road back to self determination, but it looks like there will be a major confrontation between good and evil before that happens. And, it may also be a road that leads to a relationship with God for those with opens hearts may find.

    This is all collectively self inflicted pain we share for not understanding the basis of a country founded on the principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility.

    We get the leaders we deserve.


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