Monday, September 19, 2016

HUFF POST: People Are Justifiably Infuriated With How Jimmy Fallon Handled Trump

By Huffington Post, Sep 16, 2016 

Jimmy Fallon had Donald Trump on “The Tonight Show” Thursday night, and all some people could talk about afterward was a head rub. Toward the end of the interview, Fallon asked the Republican presidential nominee if he could mess up his famous head of hair on live TV, leading to raucous applause and the sort of bite-sized video that both the creators and consumers of internet media eat up.

Before the rub, Fallon did sneak in a few subtle quips, like asking Trump if he knew what a coin was, or suggesting that he still has time to drop out if he decides he no longer wants to become president. But by and large, Fallon’s interview was an extended on-air puff piece, filled with the same sort of polite give-and-take a late-night host reserves for an actor on an obligatory promotional tour.

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  1. The Huffington Post article says that Trump is a "...well-documented xenophobic, racist and misogynistic serial liar...." I have seen him lie once in awhile, but where's the evidence for xenophobia and racism? It's been my impression that when people get up to that level in business, they don't give a darn about people's ethnicity, they care about their character, motives, intelligence, and ability to make good deal with them. Xenophobia and racism are counterproductive in the business world. Plus, at worst, they are "thought crimes". Where is "Freedom of Thought" in the Left's world?

  2. Fallon, like Trump, is an entertainer, not a hard-hitting journalist or interviewer. Hard-hitting interviews are not what The Tonight Show is (or has ever been) all about.


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