Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Lie That Bush Lied About The Iraq War

By Town Hall, July 29, 2016

The assertion that GWB lied about Iraq is an absolute crock.  The Senate bi-partisan Robb-Silberman investigation found NO ONE LIED. (See the attached piece.) There were two commissions in Great Britain that looked into it – – both found nobody lied.

Not even Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama has accused Bush of "lying."  But Bush haters do?!?

The only way someone can maintain with a straight face that George W. Bush lied into the Iraq war is to immerse himself in ignorance, refuse to listen to clear, obvious facts and/or retain a pathological hatred of George W. Bush because it provides psychological satisfaction.

They need a shrink.

Relevant articles/videos:

"Let's Refresh Our Recollection About Why We Went Into Iraq"


"It's A 'Lie' That Bush Lied About Iraq And WMD"

"Our commission determined that the intelligence community was 'dead wrong' about Saddam’s weapons. But as I recall, no one in Washington political circles offered significant disagreement with the intelligence community before the invasion. The National Intelligence Estimate was persuasive—to the president, to Congress and to the media.

"Granted, there were those who disagreed with waging war against Saddam even if he did possess WMD. Some in Congress joined Brent Scowcroft, a retired Air Force lieutenant general and former national security adviser, in publicly doubting the wisdom of invading Iraq. It is worth noting, however, that when Saddam was captured and interrogated, he told his interrogators that he had intended to seek revenge on Kuwait for its cooperation with the U.S. by invading again at a propitious time. This leads me to speculate that if the Bush administration had not gone to war in 2003 and Saddam had remained in power, the U.S. might have felt compelled to do so once Iraq again invaded Kuwait.

"In any event, it is one thing to assert, then or now, that the Iraq war was ill-advised. It is quite another to make the horrendous charge that President Bush lied to or deceived the American people about the threat from Saddam."


"Trump Ignorantly Says Bush Lied About Iraq War"


"Actually WMD WERE In Iraq--But The New York Times Sneakily Re-defined WMD After Our Military Discovered Them"


"James Clapper, Obama's CURRENT Director of National Intelligence, Says WMD WERE There--Saddam Got Rid If It During The Run Up To The War"


"Iraqi General Georges Sada Says He Helped Rid Iraq Of Its WMD During The Run-Up To The War"


"Who Thought Saddam Had WMD?--Most Everybody"


"Democrat After Democrat Said Saddam Had WMD"


"Bill Clinton CIA Head, George Tenant, Served Under Bush, Too--He Said It Was A 'Slamdunk' That Saddam Had WMD; Bill Clinton Thought So, Too"

Even AFTER The War Started Bill Clinton Admitted He Thought The WMD Were There

"George W. Bush's Decision To Invade Iraq Was Correct"


"Bill Clinton's Top Persian Gulf Advisor Disagreed About Decision To Invade--But Says No One Lied--The Intel Was UNANIMOUS That Saddam Had WMD"

"The U.S. intelligence community's belief that Saddam was aggressively pursuing weapons of mass destruction pre-dated Bush's inauguration, and therefore cannot be attributed to political pressure. It was first advanced at the end of the 1990s, at a time when President Bill Clinton was trying to facilitate a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians and was hardly seeking assessments that the threat from Iraq was growing."

"Other nations' intelligence services were similarly aligned with U.S. views. Somewhat remarkably, given how adamantly Germany would oppose the war, the German Federal Intelligence Service held the bleakest view of all, arguing that Iraq might be able to build a nuclear weapon within three years. Israel, Russia, Britain, China, and even France held positions similar to that of the United States; France's President Jacques Chirac told Time magazine last February, "There is a problem—the probable possession of weapons of mass destruction by an uncontrollable country, Iraq. The international community is right ... in having decided Iraq should be disarmed." In sum, no one doubted that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction."

"We WERE Greeted As Liberators!!!"


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