Monday, August 22, 2016

State Department Won't Release 15,000 Newly Discovered Hillary Emails Until After The Election

By The Federalist, Aug 22, 2016 

The FBI just found nearly 15,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private, unsanctioned, and unsecured server she illegally used to transmit classified information during her tenure as secretary of State.

The 14,900 emails are nearly 50 percent more than the initial 30,000 documents Clinton turned over at the beginning of the investigation in 2014. Judicial Watch, the transparency group that has sued the State Department to dig up the emails, plans to sue again so these newly discovered emails will be released.

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  1. I am in disbelief of the raw ignorance. We are no longer a sovereign nation of free men. We are a nation of cowards. Freedom needs to be renewed with the blood of every generation. We have skipped ten generations. The government DOES NOT fear the people. The people fear government. That is the absolute meaning of tyranny.

    If.... Killary survives her brain damage, I am afraid to say that she has already been chosen. The vote is redundant. Our time for rebellion has long past. We are volunteering our subjugation.The division is as accurately manufacturered as the smart phones that keep you looking down.

    President?? Fuck that. We need a leader, worthy of the title 'president'.

    You won't get it this way. It's like trying to lose weight by laying around and ordering food. Seriously people... What will it take?? What will wake you??

    A meteor?? Probably. I see a subservient mass.


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