Thursday, August 25, 2016

Donald Trump Asks Black Voters "What The Hell Do You Have To Lose?" REACTION From A Black Guy

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  1. More black leaders need to focus on what the author has said.

  2. Your correct. We are scraping the bottom. The time for thin skin is over. Our country is suffering and our families have been decimated. We need to work and be normal. How much it pays is never as important as the job. Idle time is and has always been the Devils workshop.

  3. I feel blessed that in my youth of the 1940's I grew up in West Virginia as the son of a refugee from Serbia. He was a coal miner for 33 years and died of black lung disease. I know poor and I also know all about the KKK as Senator Byrd of my state was the 'Grand Cyclops' of the klan for a decade before he entered Washington politics...Hillary kissed this racists moron and was fully supportive him and his agenda. Bill Clinton spoke at his funeral. Donald Trump for for several decades was never accused of racism until he runs against Hillary? I totally support what Trump said in spite of being a registered independent. Throughout this country and for more than 4 decades under Democratic leadership and control many American cities have become Plantations where more than 70% of the blacks are on government assistance...Hillary wants to spend $1.4 Trillion dollars for government programs which means she plans to create "Shovel Ready Job" like Obama which was a hideous joke. It will take half of her first term in office just to obtain permits and plans to do any national rebuilding projects, if those projects can get beyond all of the oppressive government regulations...Or will she create a thousand companies like Solyndra? We know that was like burning money...Black on black crime needs to be address but cities like Chicago reveals the under belly of Democratic policies. During the "Great Society" under President Johnson only 7% of black kids were born without a the end of that so called great society after we spent Trillions of dollars for the "War on Poverty," poverty won and 73% of black kids were born without a father...Hillary avoids these statistics because they indicate she is far more interested in stuffing her own pockets then in rebuilding our diminishing society. Your cannot spend your way to prosperity but the Democrats seem to have this warped thinking...don't get me wrong, I was a card carrying Democrat for 4 decades until her husband turned the Oval Office into a brothel...she on the other hand needs to be held to a higher standard not offer more of the same. William Dorich, Beverly Hills...

  4. As the tide of evil and confusion continues to advance over this once great country, how refreshing it is to hear the voice of reason and truth, especially from a black man who has not voluntarily given up his sanity and ability to reason in the face of the lies and hypocricy from those in government and the media who lust after their own power instead of showing any interest in what is in the best interest of what is left of this country. Thank you for your commentary. You are what this country really needs, now and always.


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