Sunday, August 21, 2016

Astrophysicist Destroys Climate Change Troll With Brilliant Comeback

By Telegraph, Aug 15, 2016 

Here’s a potential lesson for all the climate change sceptics out there.

When theoretical cosmologist Katie Mack was targeted by a climate change troll, she hit back with the best possible answer.

The astrophysicist tweeted that climate change ‘scared the heck out of her’, with her comment attracting the attention of user Gary P Jackson.

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  1. A PhD in astrophysics does not qualify one to talk about climate change. It is outside their field of expertise. This "scientist" is no more than a rank amateur outside her field of study.

  2. Since part of the word "astrophysicist" indicates she understands something about physics, I'll grant that her opinion, while no more expert than your own, at least bears the weight of some knowledge in the general field. When comparing the opinions of scientists and schmucks, the opinion of a scientist only counts if you have more faith in science than you do in schmucks.

  3. A bit of a straw man argument...the choices are not between scientists and schmucks. As an engineer, I have read the details from both sides of this discussion and I can follow technical facts. In my opinion, it doesn't appear that man has or can have any significant impact on the climate. Is it my field of study? No, just like the astrophysicist, but I came to a different conclusion than the scientist and I have had an extensive technical education as well.
    The real question is 'are there other climatologists that do not agree that man has any significant affect on climate change?' (and there are...). Oh, and who funds the climatologists? Follow the money of both there a preference of result for continued funding for either side?


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