Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democrats Scramble to Control Wikileaks Fallout

By Fortune, July 24, 2016 

On Friday, Wikileaks published 19,252 emails from Democratic National Committee officials, some of which show the supposedly neutral party leaders working against former nominee Bernie Sanders in interactions with the press and party members. In response, the DNC decided Saturday that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will not speak at the party’s convention this week. Later the same night, the DNC’s Rules Committee passed a resolution establishing a commission to reform the caucus process and make superdelegates more beholden to caucus results.
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  1. Dear Larry, As an outsider (UK) when watching Trump, I feel I want to be an American. There are few politicians in my life (55) that has the interest of the people that Trump portrays. Apart from getting the black vote, which I see the Dems have imprisoned them in the ghettos and simply let them kill each other, but point the finger at the conservatives.

    Trump must get the hispanics to vote. There are millions illegals that are settled in America, with families supporting the American economy; where in all honesty America needs these people. I would say there is about 20% that needs to be deported, but this is unclear in Trump's plan; no wonder his ratings are low. I recall back April on Fox and Friends in a Q/A forum Trump was asked about this and said he would set-up system for them to exit and return. I don't understand, Trump is supposed to be the common sense guy; this is so simple where an office can be set-up to deal with this in-country. If Trump proves his common sense then he will win the hispanic vote and the election. Perhaps you can put this to him, as if America grows as he suggests America will need a vast jump in skill-set, where I always quote better the people you know, rather than bringing in skills from third national countries.

  2. I do note Dems are trying to spin that the emails are tampered with; this is because the next release will be bad., especially now HRC have denied any involvement.


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