Friday, September 25, 2015

TRUMP GOES OFF - BLASTS RICH LOWRY After Conservative Pundit Talks About "His Balls" On Kelly File

By Jim Hoft, Sep 23, 2015 The Gateway Pundit

This deserves a separate post—-

National Review editor and FOX News contributor, Rich Lowry attacked Donald Trump again tonight on The Kelly File.

Lowry attacks Trump frequently on FOX News. Tonight, Lowry said Carly Fiorina cut off his balls with the precision of a surgeon.

Look Trump attacks everyone but she’s become a much bigger target. And I think part of what’s going on here is that last debate. Let’s be honest, Carly cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon.

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  1. I think Lowry embellished Fiorina's performance at the recent debates I'm no Trump supporter (Cruz all the way) but it was apparent throughout the night CNN's biggest priority was attacking Trump all night, which they did, and he came away cat-scratched... but in no way neutered. Maybe if Lowry and his NRO folks could come off sounding more like his/their opinions were formed based on events that happen in reality people would take his website a little more seriously.

  2. Lowry's comments were quite accurate but he should have replaced "balls" with "manhood" as Trump has always been a Bully and his supporters think of him as a tough guy. Its perhaps the main reason he rose in the polls, as well as that there were too many other (less manly) candidates to choose from.

    Trump is clearly in decline. Four scientific post debate polls confirm his 32-33% around Sept 10, is down to around 24% as of the past few days (RCP average). This is the first marked decline since he entered the race.
    It was around Sept 10 (days before the 2nd debate) that the Fiorina face comments became public. At the same time he went after Carson and Bush and Bobby Jindal was the first candidate to unleash the Truth about Donald ("He only cares about himself"). At the same time commentators like Megyn Kelly are being too soft by saying that Donald has "leveled off" in the polls rather than in full decline mode.

    Now, Trump can't handle the truth and he's been acting like a crybaby for the media not reporting Internet polls and for criticizing him - including Marco Rubio for correctly stating that Trump has demonstrated no Foreign Policy experience while Fiorina has done her homework and is fluent in Foreign Policy.

    When has there ever been a candidate for President who attacks his rivals of the same party? Never! And to make matters worse, he has been attacking people below him in the polls! Shouldn't his supporters be offended, especially if they once agreed with Reagan's law - Thou shall not attack a fellow Republican? Many of Trump's supporters are Not true Republicans and likely wouldn't turn out at the caucuses.


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