Thursday, September 3, 2015

O'Reilly To Ramos: 'You're An Activist!'

By Steve Guest, Sep 01, 2015 Daily Caller

Bill O’Reilly and Jorge Ramos engaged in a shouting match regarding Ramos’ immigration advocacy, which resulted in O’Reilly telling Ramos, “You’re an activist!”

The heated exchange occurred on Wednesday’s Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” where Ramos insisted, “I am just a reporter asking questions.”

O’Reilly pressed Ramos, “How can you possibly cover illegal immigration fairly when you are an activist?” The Fox News host argued that Ramos should become a commentator like himself.

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  1. In his Sep. 3 essay at, Mr. Elder noted that "Ramos informed Trump that "no human being is illegal."

    That's very much an activist thing to say, and it's also an absurd point. The argument is that 'illegal immigrant' isn't a legitimate term because the person isn't what is illegal, but logically and linguistically that's pure nonsense. If Smith illegally sells Jones some gun, then the guns are illegal and Smith is a purveyor of illegal firearms. However, because his actions violated the law, he's also an illegal purveyor of firearms. That doesn't mean he's an illegal human being, but that he's an illegal rather than legal dealer in weapons. Likewise, there are legal and illegal immigrants because their actions in emigrating were either lawful or illegal. That isn't the same as saying that they're illegal people - just that as immigrants they're illegal. If they exit the country, they're no longer immigrants and since the illegality attaches to their status as immigrants, they'll cease to be illegal.

    Saying 'illegal immigrant' is no less reasonable than 'illegal purveyor.' It's acknowledging the illegality of someone's presence in a country or of someone's sales practices. The argument for saying 'unauthorized' is a completely disingenuous bit of semantic trickery intended to make the public forget that one sides argument for being more "compassionate" means accepting and encouraging lawbreaking.


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