Sunday, September 27, 2015

George Will: Donald Trump Will Become One Of The Losers He Mocks

By George Will, Sep 26, 2015 National Review

America’s loopy Left is enamored of someone who becomes cranky about bobblehead figurines. Sober Democrats are queasy about nominating Hillary Clinton, who has much to apologize for but no aptitude for apologies. Those Republicans who hope she is denied the nomination are perhaps imprudent. And even Republicans who recoil from Donald Trump’s repulsiveness might want to defer the delicious pleasure of witnessing his apoplexy when he joins, as surely he will, the ranks of those he most despises — “losers.”

In 2011, Bernie Sanders said “we’ve got some very, very serious problems” because the Founding Fathers bobbleheads sold at the Smithsonian Museum of American History were made in China. He exclaimed: “A museum owned by the people of America — a museum which talks about our own history — cannot even have products manufactured in the United States by American workers?” In a hilarious video assembled by the high-spirited folks at Reason.TV, Sanders summons Smithsonian officials to his office to grovel and promise to mend their ways. Sanders’ wrath did not produce a complete purge: The museum still sells imported gimcracks.

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  1. I have always admired George Will. He is something of an American treasure. He is also something of a courtier who does not really believe that Trump's favorably is based in a furious discontent with the Republican elites who have failed to keep their commitments to stop Obamacare and defunct executive amnesty. When Trump, Fiorina, Carson and Cruz account for over 60% of primary voters the Republican establishment must be feeling a shiver running up their collective body in search of a spine. These primary voters believe that they have found candidates who, whatever else they may be, are not invertebrates.


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