Sunday, September 13, 2015

Calif. Governor To Carson: Here’s Some Evidence Of Climate Change

By Bradford Richardson, Sep 12, 2015 The Hill

After Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said there is no evidence of man-made climate change, California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) wanted to send him some.

Brown sent a letter to Carson on Thursday citing California’s debilitating drought as one example of man-made climate change.

“Please use your considerable intelligence to review this material,” Brown wrote in the letter, according to CNN. “Climate change is much bigger than partisan politics.”

He also included a flash drive containing a U.N. report on the subject.

Carson had said there is no “overwhelming science that the things that are going on are man-caused and not naturally caused” earlier this week.

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  1. if there has never been a drought in all of history. Life must be so easy when you can just look at bad weather and then automatically conclude the problem is man made. Talk about the "simple life."

  2. We wouldn't be so low on water if the California government wasn't dumping trillions of gallons of fresh water into the ocean in order to protect the Delta Smelt. We wouldn't be so low on water if Jerry Moonbeam Brown hadn't wasted billions of dollars on a stupid train to nowehere instead of building desalination plants, or at the very least digging new reservoirs. He is also exaggerating the drought so he can give water to various wetlands projects around the State. My sister-in-law visited on Mother's Day, and we went up to Griffith Park Observatory. She looked at the view and asked me why everything was so green. "I thought you guys were in the middle of a drought?" she said. Yes, the left won't stop at lying in order to push through their radical agendas.

  3. Larry..caught you on 860 "The Answer" today...great show! Are you on Mon-Fri? And of course, the drought is not evidence of man made anything. It IS evidence that we need more damns and reservoirs....and need to care more about the people ... than the Delta Smelt...


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