Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Poor, Ben, he's a little slow

The Pew Poll And Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck / HBO
By Larry Hart, Oct. 19, 2014, Examiner.com

A couple of weeks ago, Ben Affleck appearing on Bill Maher argued vociferously with atheist philosopher Sam Harris about the direction Islam is taking in the world and more importantly as the Muslim population grows in the west, its influence on all of us.

Affleck in his prime time, liberal, Hollywood form, naively defended those that pose a clear and present danger to our existence.

Both Harris and Maher disagreed and Affleck was just incensed. Harris tried to explain to Affleck but if body language is any judge, he didn’t seem to, or want to understand how wrong he was.

Affleck insisted he knew that the bad guys are only “a few bad apples” insinuating that the vast overwhelming majority of the Islamic world is really no different than us. He regarded the positions of Maher and Harris as racist and bigoted.

Harris argued his point this way. Using a paradigm of concentric circles with the smallest in the middle growing out like rings on a tree, he explained the inner most circle is the violent Jihadist, which comprises all of the most vicious extremist terrorist groups, cutting heads off, dropping buildings in New York and blowing up kids in Pizza parlors. The second smallest circle is the Islamists, those that think like the violent Jihadist, want the same things, probably have no problem with killing children and other living things but for them their mission is to achieve Jihad through the system, to turn democracy against us.

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