Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Now what?

Yizadi woman Pleads For The West To Bomb The Brothel She Is Being Held In by ISIS

By Catriona Harvey-Jenner, Oct. 22, 2014,

Disturbing reports have emerged that a Yazidi woman - one of thousands thought to have been captured by ISIS militants in Iraq - has pleaded with Kurdish forces to bomb the brothel in which she is being held as a sex slave.

The terrifying insight into the horrors women are suffering at the hand of ISIS in the Middle East comes after an interview on BBC World Service with Kurdish activists in London. One of the interviewees revealed that a friend of his, who is part of the peshmerga army battling the Islamic State militants, received an extremely distressing phone call from one of the young captured Yazidi woman.

The crying hostage begged the man on the phone to bomb the brothel if he knew where it was. "There is no life after this, I'm going to kill myself anyway," she said, illustrating just how raw, horrifying and destructive the experiences so many women are going through, really are.

She spoke of how she had been raped 30 times already and it wasn't even lunchtime yet; violent acts which had harmed her so badly she was unable even to go to the toilet. Witnessing several women around her killing themselves for escape, and being wholly at the hands of the men who control them, using them as concubines to rape whenever and however they want, is absolutely disgusting.

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