Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What scandal?

Thanks Derrick Rose For (Potentially) Adding To The 73% Of Black Children Born Out Of Wedlock

P.J., son of Derrick Rose and Mieka Reese
Photo / Source:  www.thebf.com
By Tracey A. Stanciel, Apr. 20, 2014, Chicagonow.com

It has been reported that Derrick Rose and his girlfriend are expecting their first child. I used the word "potentially" because their is still time for Derrick Rose to marry his girlfriend before their child is born.

Do I expect Derrick to be a role model? Hell yes, but only to his own child. Parents need to stop using famous people as role models because most of them are sure to disappoint.

I have mixed feelings about this situation. On one hand I hope that this was a joint decision. On the other hand, I hope that they did not plan to have a child out of wedlock. If it was not a joint decision, how could he be so stupid? In a recent interview for GQ magazine, Derrick made the following statement:

"I won't ever put myself in a bad position so that people can say bad things about me," he says. "I make smart decisions, and my friends and my family, they are all there for the right reason. I'm very mature for 23 years old, and I know that whatever I do can hurt someone."

Sorry Derrick, but you made it really easy. Here is a little quote that I like to share with young people:

EVERY TIME YOU HAVE SEX WITHOUT USING A CONDOM, YOU GIVE SOMEONE ELSE THE POWER TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!(Feel free to tweet this quote but give me credit) Welcome to fatherhood, I hope you're ready.

Now on to Jay Cutler. Same stupid shit, different person! Why don't athletes ever learn? Jay started dating his girl friend and fell in love really fast and got engaged. Then he got cold feet and got unengaged. They reunited and got re-engaged and now they are having a baby. No plans to set a wedding date.

Now on to the biggest idiot in sports, Antonio Cromartie. He has 10 kids by eight different women in six states. Oh and he and his wife are now expecting twins! WTF!!! According to Fox Sports he struggled to say the names of all of his children on HBO's "Hard Knocks". The New York Post, states that Cromartie makes child support payments of $3,500 per month to his babies' mamas. Someone needs to stop the spreading of his seeds. It takes more than money to be a father. He can't effectively be a father to eight of his children because they live in different states.

According to Child Trends a whopping 73% of black children and 29% of white children are born out of wedlock! Studies have shown that the family structure can have a profound effect on a child's social and emotional well being. Children living in single parent homes are less likely to exhibit behavioral self control and are more likely to be exposed to aggravated parenting. Research has shown that income differential doesn't fully account for the negative effects on the areas of a child's well-being associated with living in a single parent household. Even though all of the babies' mamas will be getting fat checks, their children's social and emotional well-being is at risk.

Professional athletes don't have a great track record when it comes to managing and saving their money. Approximately 60% of NBA players are broke with in 5 years of retiring. As for players in the NFL, 78% of them are in financial distress with in 2 years of retiring. With many of them having children out of wedlock, what happens to their children when they run out of money?

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