Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tell 'em Leo!

Uber Rich Man With Yachts And Planes Lectures World About Global Warming

By Katie Pavlich, Sept. 24, 2014,

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a very rich man. His net worth sits at $220 million, which naturally means he owns many expensive things that require a lot of oil to enjoy. For example, here he is on his yacht.

Over the weekend, a march to stop climate change was held in New York City. DiCaprio took the time to leave his multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment and walked in solidarity with the crowd full of hipsters wearing their petroleum based shoes. He took selfies with marchers on their earth destroying iPhones.

Luckily, the United Nations held a Climate Change Summit this week and DiCaprio was given a speaking slot. He is also a newly minted UN "messenger of peace." DiCaprio took advantage of the opportunity by lecturing the rest of the world about how to use less energy (through government force of course because changing individual, personal choices when it comes to energy consumption is just too hard apparently). When he was finished at the podium, there's no doubt DiCaprio left the stage to get into an SUV, which of course took him back to his private jet so he could start his next yachting vacation.

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