Sunday, August 17, 2014

More facts about Ferguson?

Eyewitness At Scene Of Crime Vindicates #Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson In #Mike Brown Shooting (VIDEO With Captions)

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  1. How does this video vindicate anyone? It shows the aftermath and 2 subjects interpretation of what happened, but isn't shown??

  2. Vindication is a strong presumption...Coming back towards an officer is not proof of aggression. The initial witness already said Mike Brown turned back towards the officer. Combined with witnesses account of Mike Brown's HANDS BEING UP going back to the officer, the recording provided far from "vindicates" the officer. Furthermore, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ALLEGED CIGARS he purportedly stole?

  3. Larry: Don't you understand that any comments (or evidence) justifying Officer Wilson's actions to defend his own life are a "slur" against Mr. Brown? Truth be damned, the myth must be maintained that this 6'4" 300 lb "child" was an innocent victim of a racist cop/system. If there's no proof of wrongdoing by the cop or overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many including the governor seem to believe there's a greater social good to be gained by making this alleged thug a martyr and demonizing a guy who's only "crime" was the desire to serve the public and go home alive at the end of his shift.

    One last thing Larry. While I'm sure we both agree that what's been happening is a travesty, what kind of "justice" do you think this officer will receive if he doesn't have civil service protections and the power of a union backed legal defense fund behind him? Most cops in the mid-west have neither (they're hired/fired as "at will" employees) and those who are part of this investigation may very well be influenced by their "superiors" when Officer Wilson is facing criminal charges. Do you really believe they'll have the freedom to testify honestly in light of what the governor and other politicians want? Remember what happened to honest cops in FL, during the Zimmerman trial and how their testimony was shaped or suppressed for political reasons? I know you don't like public employee unions Larry, but believe me when I say this as an honorably retired police officer with more than 30 years of experience, they and civil service rules (created at the behest of unions) are the only real protections honest cops have for doing their jobs honorably.


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