Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Michael Goodwin: Pulitzers Reward Traitors, Treason --Awards WaPo & Guardian for stories on Snowden’s stolen docs.

By Michael Goodwin, Apr. 19, 2014

It’s official: Treason is cool and traitors are acceptable sources for journalists. The Pulitzer Prize says so.

In giving the 2014 Public Service award to The Washington Post and The Guardian for publishing stories based on Edward Snowden’s stolen documents, the Pulitzer judges gave their stamp of approval to news organizations that cooperate with criminals and compromise national security. No doubt the lesson will trickle down to scoop-hungry young journalists that they should cultivate people willing to betray America.

And why not? Those scribes whose sources steal the most important documents could win a Pulitzer and be the toast of anti-Americans around the world. No responsibility for catastrophe is required.

Other ambitious young people might conclude there is glory in being the next Snowden. If they’re really successful, they might get to be part of a propaganda event with Vladimir Putin, as the fugitive Snowden was last week.

Indicted by a federal grand jury under the Espionage Act, he lives under the tender mercies of Putin and the warm embrace of the Communist state. He’s safe as long as he’s useful, as he was when Putin took time out from carving up his neighbors to use Snowden to mock America. Because the former NSA contractor didn’t bat out a secret message with his eyes that he was being tortured, we must assume that he’s voluntarily burnishing Putin’s image during the campaign to crush the freedom of millions of Ukrainians.

Snowden’s video appearance with the dictator, where he asked the ex-KGB agent a softball question about Russian surveillance, should have embarrassed the ­Pulitzer people. Coming days ­after they sanctified his dirty work, they were reminded that Snowden is no whistleblower.

He didn’t stay to make his case to the American public or to fight the charges in court. He ran first to China and then to Russia to spill his national-security secrets about programs that aim to stop the next 9/11 before it happens.

Snowden stole thousands of documents in part by tricking colleagues into surrendering their security passwords to get access beyond his clearance level.

Read the full story: www.nypost.com

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