Monday, September 26, 2016


By Larry Elder, Sep 26, 2016 


"You've said that women who alleged sexual assault should be believed. Obviously this doesn't apply to the women who made allegations against your husband, whether Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Jennifer Flowers, Dolly Kyle, or most importantly, Juanita Broaddrick, any others.

"There are two respected books by respected writers that claim you were behind the so-called 'nuts or sluts' strategy to malign your husband accusers as either crazy or sex addicted: 'Hell to Pay' by Barbara Olson and 'No One Left To Lie To' by the liberal pundit Christopher Hitchens. Both claim that you hired private detectives and lawyers to dig up dirt on his accusers- and use surrogates to attack them.

"The most egregious claim was made by Juanita Broaddrick, who alleges that your husband raped her--and that the two weeks after the rape you verbally intimidated her.

"She went on NBC, your station, Lester Holt, to make the allegation:

"The media has never asked you about this. My question to the media is why haven't they? And my question to you, Secretary Clinton, is whether or not it's true?

"Madeline Albright, former Secretary of State and supporter of yours, likes to say, 'There's a special place in hell for women who don't help women.'

"As a young lawyer you represented a man you admitted raped a 12-year-old. You got him off by technicality, and later bragged about it:

"Now defense lawyers do what defense lawyers do, but you claim to be a feminist who cares about women. And, to win the case, the alleged survivor, now in her 40s, says you maligned her character by suggesting she asked for it. To this day she's never gotten over it:


"In the 1995 State of the Union speech by your husband; and a 1993 Harry Reid speech on the floor of the Senate, they both severely criticize illegal immigration. They specifically slam porous borders, the threat illegal aliens pose to American jobs, the burden on taxpayers, visa over stayers, violent criminal aliens, and the policy that allows any illegal to come to America and have a child, with the child automatically becoming an American citizen:

"And, please note, both use the term 'illegal aliens.' I guess that legal definition was not, at a time, deemed 'racist.'


"It was your husband who, according to a book called 'Game Change,' told Ted Kennedy, during the 2008 nomination campaign, that a few years ago Obama would've been carrying our bags, "getting us coffee."

"Your husband ex-campaign manager, his wife, and a staffer heard you call the campaign manager, whom you blamed for losing her husband's race, a 'f----g Jew bastard.' Even your husband admitted you may have said 'f---g,' but denies you said 'Jew bastard.' And we know about your husband's reputation for honesty and truth telling.

"But ex campaign consultant, Dick Morris, says he once asked you and your husband for more money. In response, according to him, you said, 'That's all you people care about.' Is he lying?

"Colin Powell, who describes you as a "friend," said in an email, that you 'hate' Obama, the first African-American president.

"By the way, Powell also said you have 'unbridled ambition,' called you 'greedy' and said you screw up virtually everything you lay your hands on. He also added that your husband, who you want to return to the White House, is still 'd----g bimbos.'

"And he is rather angry, to say the least, that you are trying to 'pin your email scandal' on him:

"What about the 'racial profiling' of your supporter, Mark Cuban, who said, 'I'd cross the street to get away from a black kid in a hoodie'?:

The then First Lady defended her husband's crime bill that many black activists say imposed unfairly long sentences. In doing so, Secretary Clinton referred to criminals, many of them black, as "super predators."


"When the Bush administration allegedly outed a covert CIA operative, critics cried, 'People could be killed' by the revelation. Well, the agent wasn't covert, and no one was ever convicted of violating an anti-disclosure law.

"On the other hand, by maintaining a private server, which undoubtedly was hacked,  adversaries likely got access to top secret and very sensitive information. It is not an email scandal, it is a national security scandal, and the majority of people believe that you violated the Espionage Act--and should be prosecuted.

"Colin Kaepernick has been praised by many people, including President Obama who said that taking a knee during the national anthem was a part of 'social activism.'

"Does this include the part where Kaepernick said that if you, Secretaty Clinton, were anybody else, given what you've done with your emails, you would 'be in prison'?

"You claim the 30,000 emails you deleted had nothing to do with work. You were under oath when you said so. You were also under oath when you said your lawyers read every email to make sure none was work-related. But then you later said that they just read headers.

"Now we find out that many of your emails were, in fact, work-related.

"You claim that you neither sent nor received any information that was classified or marked as such. But you did.

"Furthermore, the disclosure statement you sign as a member of the State Department specifically says that classified information 'can either be marked classified or not marked classified.' So whether you sent or received information is marked classified is irrelevant. It's about the content. You didn't know that email describing drone strikes was 'classified'b But I'M too dangerous to be trusted with national security?

"You call your private server for 'a mistake.' A mistake is when you forget your car keys, forget an appointment.

"You jeopardized national security, allowing adversaries to gain access to national security matters, you lied to the country about it, and lied to Congress while under oath.

"These are not mistakes, these are overt acts that jeopardized national security trust in our government and undermine our allies' confidence in us.

"You joined the French and the British in bombing Libya, when Muammar Qaddafi had no WMD. He turned over his WMD to us after we invaded Iraq, fearing he would be next.

"Yet you renounced your Iraq war vote even though the rationale for the war was the assumption that Saddam Hussein possessed WMD.

"If the Iraq war was a mistake because no WMD were found, what is the rationale for bombing Libya, a country that has no WMD?

"During the debate with Bernie Sanders, you said the Libyan bombing "save lives." So you bombed Libya for humanitarian reasons?

"If so, why renege on your Iraq war vote given the fact that Saddam Hussein killed on the minimum side 300,000 Iraqis, and on the high side maybe as many as 1 million? Are Libyan civilians more important than Iraqi civilians?

"I'm completely confused as to what you think the military is for? Is it for national security? Is it for humanitarian purposes? Which is it?

"When you ran in 2008, you promised 'under no circumstances would Iran ever get a bomb.' Yet you supported the Iran Deal, which gives Iran a bomb within 15 years, if not less. In the meantime, Iran continues to export terrorism, threatens American ships, tests increasingly longer range missiles, and has kidnapped two more Americans after we exchanged cash for the American hostages they were holding.

"You were a member of the administration that pulled completely out of Iraq--against the advice of the Joint Chiefs, the National Security Advisor, the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, the Head of the CIA, the then current Secretary of Defense and his predecessor.

"Former Army general of the Joints Chiefs, Ray Odierno, says that had there been a stay behind force in Iraq, ISIS, a terror organization thar Obama called 'jayvee,' could and would have been dealt with:

"You failed to adequately protect Benghazi. You told the Benghazi families it was prompted by a video. And then accused the families of lying when they repeated your story. You wanted nothing to interfere with Obama's reelection line, 'GM is alive. Osama bin Laden is dead. And Al-Qaeda is on the run.'


"John Heileman, co-author of 'Game Change,' not exactly a right winger, says that your 2008 election camp started it:

"And a reporter claims that one of your top advisers, Sidney Blumenthal, flat out told him, 'Obama is from Kenya':

"And please tell me how and why did this issue become 'racist'b Questions were raised about whether John McCain might be ineligible because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. Questions were raised about whether Barry Goldwater was eligible because he was born in Arizona, when it was a territory not a state.

"Furthermore, believe it or not, a majority of Democrats do not believe Obama is a Christian. Are they birthers? Are they racist?


"Ann Compton, retired from ABC, said on two occasions Obama launched into profanity laced tirades, yet not one reporter reported it.

"Did George W. Bush ever do that? Did George Herbert Walker Bush ever do that? Ronald Reagan? And if so, would the media have sat on it?


"The Obama/Clinton administration has given the country the worst economic recovery since 1949. This is the first administration to preside over a recovery without one year averaging 3% GDP. The difference between 2% to 3% is 1 million jobs for each year of the length of the recovery.

"'Stimulus' didn't work. 'Cash for caulkers' didn't work. 'Cash for clunkers' didn't work. The administration unleashed nearly $800 billion in major job suppressing regulations:

"Obamacare did not give $2500 savings per household. 'If you like your doctor or your health care plan, you can keep your doctor or your health care plan' turned out to be empty promises designed to get the law passed.

"Premiums are now going up as have deductibles and co-pays, something that you described during the debate as 'glitches.'

"As to the black economy, poverty is up; net worth down; homeownership is down;  home-equity is down. Between 2010 and 2013, black net worth fell 25%. The black labor force participation rate for black men hasn't been this low since the government's been keeping the number. Even PBS's leftwing Tavis Smiley says blacks have not fared well under Obama:

"Don't get me started on what welfare and tax and regulation have done to the black families by encouraging fatherless homes. President Obama, not I, said that a child who grows up without a father is five times more likely to be poor, nine times more likely to drop out of school, and 20 times more likely to go to jail.

"1965, before Lyndon Johnson launched the so-called 'war on poverty,' 25% of black kids were born out of wedlock. Today the number is 73%. Government and left wing policies have incentivized women to marry the government, and allowed men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility.

"Before minimum wage laws, black teenagers were MORE likely to have a job than white teenagers. Right before 1930, the black labor force participation rate was HIGHER than the white labor participation rate. Minimum wage laws prevented blacks from competing by offering to work for less:

"Even Jared Bernstein, Vice President Joe Biden's economist, says a $15 minimum wage is too high and would cost jobs:

"A BET article quotes economists who say minimum-wage laws cost jobs:

"In 1987 the New York Times, published an editorial that said the correct minimum wage is $0.00. What happened to the laws of economics 101 between 1987 and 2016?


"You've not disclosed your transcripts from your numerous high paid the Wall Street speeches. Obama never disclosed his grades and test scores. Media lost interest about that, but they really really really want to know about my taxes. Double standard.  

"Meanwhile one of Obama's BFFs and somebody whose support you sought, Rev. Al Sharpton, owes $5 million in taxes. Nobody ever accused me of not paying taxes? Double standard.

"I'm not required by law to disclose my taxes. But you WERE required by law to release all work related email. You didn't. And the FBI gave you a pass.

"I am in a dispute with the IRS over a tax issue. I lose my leverage if this becomes public, because the IRS will refuse to compromise for fear that people think they are caving in. So I lose leverage by prematurely going public.

"Why would any rational person do that? On the other hand, nothing's stopping you, Secretary Clinton, from releasing the transcripts of your Wall Street speeches.


"Who was it who signed the 'reset button,' reneging on defense agreements negotiated by President Bush for Poland and the Czech Republic? Russia opposed these deals and you threw Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus to appease them.

"Who, on a hot mic, told the president of Russia that, after his re-election, he'd have more flexibility?

"Who thought they could get Russia to assist in stopping Iran from getting a nuke? Instead the administration negotiated this Iran deal,  which guarantees that Iran will get a nuclear weapon within 15 years, if not sooner.

"Iran is also very likely cheating on the deal. They've not discontinued any terror activities. After paying Iran off for releasing American hostages, they've snatched two more. Obama's first Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, called the Iran Deal based on a "hope," a hope Gates called "unrealistic."


"No, I did not! I mocked a reporter, now with the 'New York Times,' because he retreated from his initial claim--the same 'controversial' one I made--that many Muslims in NY celebrated the collapse of the WTC on 9/11. He reported it, and when I used his article to back up what I saw on the news, he tried to pretend he didn't write what he wrote--and didn't see what he saw.

"Now this is important. That reporter DOES NOT have gyrating motions, his arms don't flail like the gesture I used in denouncing him--so I was NOT 'mimicking' him. The reporter DOES NOT TWITCH, and when the 'handicapped' reporter is filmed from his waist up (as he is in the video linked below) you can't tell that the reporter even has a 'disability.'

"I used THE SAME goofing manner to needle Ted Cruz and a general for what I thought were their weak responses to questions that were asked. Both Cruz and the general are able-bodied.

"That you cling to this 'Trump-mocked-a-reporter's handicap' is a reflection on both you and the media.  The media's blatant bias is such that it obsessively 'reports' on my supposed flaws and weaknesses--real and imagined--while giving you a pass on so many far more important things."

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N.C. Among States To Limit Access To Police Videos

By USA Today, Sep 26, 2016 

The state's new body camera law is set to take effect Oct. 1. Video provided by Newsy Newslook

Amid a growing outcry over police shootings of black men, many states are taking actions to restrict public access to police video shot by dashboard and body cameras.

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Trump vs. Clinton: Debate Of The Century Gets Wilder

By The Hill, Sep 25, 2016 

As Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get ready to face off in the first debate, their campaigns are mired in a new controversy over guests.

The candidates have been accused of using their debate invitations to get under their opponent's skin — and appear to be trying to outdo each other with their potential guests.

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Charlotte Lifts Curfew In Wake Of Protests Following Fatal Shooting

By USA Today, Sep 24, 2016 

CHARLOTTE — Top officials on Sunday lifted a curfew in place since Thursday in last week's fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott.

In a tweet late Sunday, Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Trevor M. Fuller, chairman of the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners, said the move was effective immediately. It follows several nights of protests since the Sept. 20 shooting.

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Pressure Is On Clinton, Trump In First Debate

By Yahoo, Sep 25, 2016 

Washington (AFP) - Pressure mounted on Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump Sunday as they head into their first presidential debate with a new poll showing them in a dead heat.

Mind games were on display as Trump threatened to invite Gennifer Flowers, a former lover of Bill Clinton, to watch Monday's high-stakes battle of wits from a front-row seat.

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Poll: Trump Leads Clinton Among Non-College-Educated White Men By A Whopping 59 Points

By Mediaite, Sep 25, 2016 

Hillary Clinton still leads Donald Trump in the polls, but her lead has shrunk considerably and Trump is making some serious gains.

In fact, today’s new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that Trump leads Clinton among non-college-educated white men by 59 percent. (Mitt Romney won them in 2012 by 31 percent.)

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Debate Commission Chief: Moderators Shouldn’t Fact-Check

By The Daily Beast, Sep 25, 2016 

Janet Brown, the executive director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, said Sunday that she does not believe moderators should play a large role in fact-checking each candidate at the event. Speaking with Brian Stelter on CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brown said the candidates should be the judges of what the other says.

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Clinton's Debate Podium Larger Than Trump's

By NY Dailynews, Sep 25, 2016 

Hillary Clinton was already having a bad week as polls show Donald Trump closing the gap between them and, in a few polls, even pulling ahead. It got worse Friday after the FBI released Clinton's answers to investigators' questions over her use of a private email server, revealing some pretty damaging responses from the former Secretary of State.

Here are five of the most outrageous statements Clinton made in that three-and-a-half hour FBI interview:

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Michelle Obama Gives George W. Bush A Big Hug, Nation Goes Wild

By AOL, Sep 25, 2016 

At Saturday's opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Michelle Obama gave George W. Bush a warm hug.

He appeared to enjoy the embrace, and, once the image of the moment between the two hit social media, internet users joined in on the good times.

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Clinton's Lead Narrows To 3 Points In Pennsylvania

By The Hill, Sep 25, 2016 

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s lead over Republican rival Donald Trump has narrowed to 3 points in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, according to a new poll.

Clinton leads Trump, 44 percent to 41 percent, in the Morning Call/Muhlenberg College poll released late Saturday.

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Washington Mall Shooting: Police Arrest 20-Year-Old Suspect

By CNN, Sep 25, 2016 

(CNN)One day after a shooting left five people dead at a mall north of Seattle, authorities arrested a 20-year-old suspect Saturday after an overnight manhunt that left the city on edge.

Arcan Cetin is suspected of killing four women and a man Friday night at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.
Washington state authorities said it's too early to rule out terrorism or anything else because their investigation is still in the preliminary stages.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sacramento Mayor Beats Protester To A 'Bloody Pulp': Report

By The Hill, Sep 22, 2016 

Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, Calif., and a former NBA star, repeatedly punched a protester in the face after getting hit with a pie during an event, witnesses say.

Witnesses told the East Bay Express that a protester ran up to the mayor during a dinner event Wednesday night and threw a pie in his face. The protester then yelled something at Johnson, prompting his response.
According to the report, the mayor hit the protester repeatedly, landing as many as 10 punches.
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The Trumpian Threat To The Global Order

By FT, Sep 22, 2016 

There is nothing surprising about Donald Trump’s admiration for Vladimir Putin. The would-be US president and the Russian leader share an authoritarian bent. They disdain multilateral engagement in favour of the raw politics of power. Above all, they are transactional. Deals are to be shaped by narrow definitions of national interest, unconstrained by international rules or shared values. 

Mr Putin wants to erase the humiliation of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Mr Trump promises to “make America great again”. The reason for the Russian leader’s bad personal relationship with Barack Obama is the US president’s wounding refusal to indulge the fantasy of superpower parity. Perhaps Mr Trump has the better understanding of Russian psychology. He never ceases to praise Mr Putin as a strong and decisive leader.

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Black Caucus Marches To DOJ To Protest Shootings

By Politico, Sep 22, 2016 

More than a dozen members of the Congressional Black Caucus marched down to the Department of Justice midday to demand federal intervention to stymie police shootings of unarmed African-Americans.
"The killing of unarmed black men and women by police is a crisis," said Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.).

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