Saturday, March 9, 2019

And There It Is: Dem Rep Rashida Tlaib Accuses Steve Scalise Of Islamophobia

By Town Hall, March. 07, 2019

Well, we knew this card was going to be played by Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI): The calls to have Omar removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee are grounded in Islamophobia. This comes after Omar uttered remarks that many took as anti-Semitic. It dealt with the dual loyalty smear that’s been lobbed at Jewish people. It’s not new, which is why this is so baffling. Both women think they’re being singled out for being black and Muslim. Nope. It’s because their views are total garbage, and these talking points are definitely rooted in anti-Semitism. These two very well could be criticizing Israel, but far too often has that been used to shield people who just hate Jews. It’s ridiculous. Everyone knows the magical powers to hypnotize, the money peddling, and the dual loyalty is linked to such bigotry. Here’s what Omar tweeted:
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  1. Why is it ok to hate Jews but not ok to hate Muslims?Islamophobia is a new made up word Anti semite is not, it has been around for many years.
    Any person that supports Shariah, Humas, Hezbolla. CAIR is a traitor to the USA, a terrorist and needs to be locked up or deported!

  2. Steve Scalise is a man of proven courage and a true patriot. Who would accuse him of being afraid of anything and think anyone would believe it. Steve Scalise speaks to truth.


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