Sunday, October 21, 2018

Chelsea Handler: My White Privilege Makes Me Feel ‘Very Gross’

By Breitbart., Oct. 20, 2018

In an interview with ABC’s Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler discussed her upcoming Netflix series on the issue of white privilege and what inspired her to do it.

“I just started to think about all the privilege I’ve benefited from in this industry, specifically — being a Jew is a bonus, being a girl as a comedian when I was coming up,” she explained. “I had every advantage. Every door opened for me.”
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1 comment:

  1. Hello. Respectfully, I am curious to learn if Ellen DeGeneres and Chelsea Handler, as well as my peaceful, responsible American or foreign born neighbors reading this writing, believe Racism or the concept of "White Supremacy" is responsible for inspiring, as well as motivating a significant population of apparent slow-to-evolve, illogical, otherwise Freedom Loving “Pro-Black and Conscious Black Community” American citizens to believe they have a right, as well as duty to LOUDLY demean, denigrate, bully, taunt, HATE, harass, and in some instances threaten with violence our peaceful, free-thinking, successful, accomplished black or American neighbors, friends and co-workers of African descent!?

    "Sell-out" "C^^n" and "Uncle Tom" are just a few HATEFUL, denigrating terms "Pro Black or Conscious Black Community" American citizens use to LOUDLY demean, intimidate and TERRORIZE peaceful, accomplished black or American citizens of African descent choosing to pursue THEIR OWN individually unique vision for L, L, (Love) and Happiness.

    I could be wrong though over my sixty years of life I believe I've witnessed a fading population of non-black, slow-to-evolve American citizens embracing illogical, ignorant Racist beliefs that in my opinion are demeaning to human intellect.

    Sadly, over the past decade I believe I've witnessed a growing population of illogical thinking, segregation-minded "Pro-Black, Woke or Conscious Black Community" minded American citizens spewing venom and HATE at our peaceful, successful black or American friends, neighbors and co-workers of African descent...

    ...while at the same time WILLFULLY IGNORING our Nation's *MATERNAL CHILD CARE* PUBLIC HEALTH CRISIS, aka America's unhealthy, potentially life scarring SYSTEMIC & GENERATIONAL Culture of Black or African American Child Abuse, Emotional Neglect and Maltreatment evolving from America's multi-generational, ignorant, once legal Culture of Racism!

    I am referring to a *CHILD CARE* Public Health Crisis responsible at least THIRTEEN (13) of President and Mrs. Obama's urban story-TRUTH-teller friends and WH guests composing VIOLENCE riddled, female demeaning American music art HATEFULLY informing people residing all around our beautiful tiny blue orb, that black or American girls, women and MOTHERS of African descent, should be viewed as less than human *itches, and denigrated like *hores or "hoes" unworthy of being treated with basic human respect!

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and concerns about a population of apparent illogical thinking "Pro-Black" American citizens or their supporters HATEFULLY denigrating our peaceful black or American neighbors, friends and co-workers of African descent simply wanting to enjoy, IN THEIR OWN WAY, the several decades of life most all of us look forward to experiencing.

    "'Pro-Black American' Logic Succinctly Explained By Social Commentator Mr. David Carroll"

    American *(Children's)* Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Health Crisis; Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence/Fear, Police Anxiety & Educator's Frustrations


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