Tuesday, January 17, 2017

California Gov. Jerry Brown Wants 42% Gas Tax Hike to Bail Out Pension Fund

By Breitbart, Jan. 15, 2017

Breitbart News reported on January 9 that Gov. Brown announced that for the first time since 2012, California’s $122.8 billion General Fund Budget is in deficit by $1.6 billion. Despite a near bankruptcy during the financial crisis, California’s tax revenues have increased by about $43 billion in the last 9 years. Brown on Monday only suggested relatively painless spending reductions to close the budget gap. He was very careful to not suggest highly controversial increases in gasoline tax or vehicle fees.

Democrat governors have been regularly spiking gas taxes and vehicle registration fees for decades. But 12 years ago, Democrat Gov. Gray Davis was recalled by voters after he pushed the state legislature to pass a vehicle registration fee increase from $46 to $158.

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  1. Taking money from the poor working class and giving it to subsidise blotted government pensions is robbery.

  2. I am a Disabled Naval Veteran living on below poverty income since 2008. I received a .03% cost of living increase this year and last year nothing. Government is no different then anyone else. Why should Calpers or any other government Agency receive more? As for the need to increase taxes to pay for our ongoing expenses, these must be shared equally among working and retired Citizens. Increasing gasoline and DMV taxes will cause further hardship to our Citizens. I have made a few suggestions to consider. Increase our import taxes to start with. Lower our taxes to bring back Businesses who will in turn hire more workers reducing unemployment expenses. Stop funding Illegal Emigrants who receive any type Human Assistance and require them to be registered Legal Emigrants and or Citizens. Create an Emigration process that allows current Illegal Emigrants a one time Pardon with the requirement that they register and apply for a temporary 3 year Visa and or Citizenship. You will be required to obtain your application at the Public Library, DMV and or other Government Facilities with in 6 months of the publication date of the Pardon. The process will be much like applying for a passport. You will be required to provide a photo and any other form of Identification to verify who you are. Those who complete this process will be issue a Federal Identification Number (FIN) Emigrants that receive this Alpha Numeric FIN card will be then permitted to obtain employment, attend schools and apply and or use other human assistance programs. This will also protect you from further fear of deportation and or other important issues. Once you have completed this process then you may apply to extend your Visa or apply for Citizenship. This is a responsible and very simple way to end Illegal Alien issues while protecting those that are in our Country now. For those who do not apply for and or obtain their FIN card will be arrested, identified, charged and then deported and or sent to jail.

  3. If I remember correctly, the recall of Gray Davis had more to do with the purchase of utility lines in the wake of a fictitious energy crisis than increased VLFs

  4. The first thought that came to mind is the female fire captain in San Diego who spent 15 years doing bankers hours behind a desk. She retired. He pension is $10,200 A MONTH. She wasn't stupid; she took off like a big bird and now lives in Arizona. Take this and multiply it by thousands of California state employees.


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