Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Interview: Robert Spencer--Carson Was RIGHT About Islam!


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  1. Well, muslims themselves say Democracy and Islam are incompatible:


    So they are. Get over it............

  2. Islam Laws can not rule under the office of president because conflicts with the oath of the Constitution.

  3. Thanks Larry, for having on Mr Spencer to cover this crucial topic. Islamism is clearly one of the greatest threats of the 21st century, not only to America to Western civilization.

  4. Islam is the world's oldest, largest, richest and most successful criminal fraternity. It has barely ceded ANY of the territories it has ever invaded. Islam dresses itself in the finery of the civilisations it has destroyed. If Islam succeeds they will look at the desolation and devastation around them, excepting the few surviving mosques and say, yeah the late 20th century and early 21st century were truly a golden age of Islam, look at all the fabulous mosques built throughout Europe and North America during this time of unparalleled scientific advance, a truly Islamic multi-cultural paradise,

  5. what the best and accurate translation of the Koran. I have the Ali version

  6. Great interview! Thanks for having Robert on the show. The more people like him educate our government officials, and especially our citizens, the more our country is safe.

    I too was shocked to hear Ben Carson say what he said about Sharia and our Constitution being incompatible. It is nothing but the truth. And the only people who would deny that, are those that are ignorant of Islam and its doctrine.

  7. Robert Spencer is an excellent choice to have on your show as an expert on Islam and Jihad. While there are several others that have a similar expertise, Spencer I feel is the most eloquent and concise speaker on the subject.

    Excellent choice.......

  8. We all need to be educated about the true goals of Islam, world domination with Islam the exclusive religion, and its stated strategy and tactics to achieve this, mass migration into the civilized world and demanding their Sharia ways be adopted, allied with demographics of 8 children per wife out breeding us. Couple of generations and they have won. While we let them. Three Nobel Science prizes from 1/4 of the world's population, er who are the clever ones?

  9. You stated that there is two Koran. Which one is most accurate and which one is not.


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