Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Next generation of black victicrats

Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids

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  1. Wow I am a black man and this is just insane. If the gentle giant would have just stopped and complied with police he would be alive today. Black people the white man owes you nothing most of your issues begin with you your attitude. Black parents mainly in the ghettos of America its not anyones fault your children are growing up being targets kids having kids are not teaching and preaching repect. RESPECT goes along way. Our race is close to extinction I just hope the few blacks who choose to be Ns will go first we do not need you in this culture. If you want to be successful stop putting rap stars and musical bimbos before your education. Learn what hard work is and pull your pants up and stop wasting MY tax dollars because you have been told by a failed president its all about race. Wake up or get buried. Last you better learn SPANISH because your good friends in the #DNC/Democrat party and yes your Black president has new slaves now and they will be your new owner in the very near future. #hoodwinked #realtalk #homie

    1. AMEN! Nothing else needs to be said! That's it. Wake up or be buried - by your DEMOCRAT friends who are selling you DOWN THE DRAIN!

  2. I LOVE all the little kids wearing shirts with an acronym for F*UCK on them. (FCKH*.com) Really classy...

  3. I blame no one but POTUS! (...and if saying it is consider racism, by all means, I'm racist!)

  4. This is an advertisement for a FOR PROFIT T-shirt/button company! They admit this fact on their company website (FCKH8.com). The company (and their name) are vile and their message of life as a victocrat is awful. Talk about letting no crisis go to waste!

  5. To the Black man named anonymous, I guess you missed the part where the gentle giant did stop, attempted to comply with police, but was shot to death while his unarmed hands were raised in submission. All your advice on how to behave is helpful, but in the current society it does not ensure a Black mans survival.

    1. The only people who are killing black men are other black men. Stop playing the victim and and get a mirror thats who is doing the killing.

  6. I was watching the news that day. I think it was CNN that showed a video of the attack and shooting. This is what I saw. Mike was attacking the officer inside the police cruiser. He was using his bulk to hold the officer in place. The other guy was holding the officer's leg so the officer could not move. The other guy jumped up and ran away. Mike pushed himself off of the officer and stood up. He pulled up his pants, turned, and ran away.

    The officer stood up. He was holding the left side of his face. He went to walk towards Mike but staggered to the left and then to the right. His right hand swayed back and forth with gun in hand. His arm swayed up as if to aim but did not stop. Not sure if he fired.

    Mike stopped running, turned around, and ran towards the officer. The officer shot two times. Mike went down slowly and fell on his side. The officer staggered over to Mike and shot three times. End of video

    The video was shown many times over the next hour and then went poof. Never to be seen again. That was between 1PM to 2PM Cen USA.


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