Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WARNING, GRAPHIC: ISIS Beheading American James Wright Foley

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  1. I cannot believe this is really happening.

  2. What is the purpose of this? Does ISIS want us to feel sympathy for their cause? This kind of thing will not gain them sympathy for their cause. Only world wide hatred and contempt. Do they actually want us to fear them? Yes we will fear them. But I think the people of the world will hate them more than they fear them. They will be put to the sword.

  3. Let's bomb those idiots harder. America will never negotiate with terrorists.

    1. Amen! Send them all straight to hell, where they can meet Muhammad there. Muslims need to be sent back to the country away from UK, USA, Australia, Israel and any other 1st or 2nd world country.

  4. Fucking animal cowards! Come to America and fight us face to face without hiding behind a veil, airplane, and/or bomb. Most of the American population is armed. Let's how fucking brave you are then!!!

  5. You idiots !!! this is all put togheter by the most powerful and influent men in America to continue the profitable war in Irak . think about it. it's the best Excuse !!! just like 9/11 lie empire state... just think about it. Wake the FUCK UP !!!

  6. Wow.... How sad..... And nothing is changing


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